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Technology june 22, 2016

Customize This 3D-Printed Wheelchair Through An App

The chair is lightweight, fast to produce and tailored to fit a person's body perfectly

Technology june 15, 2016

Fashionable Prosthetics Designed Straight From A Video Game

Open Bionics partners with game studio Eidos-Montreal to make an affordable prosthetic arm

Health june 3, 2016

3D-Printed Pills Contain A Whole Day's Medication

National University of Singapore develops ingestible mold to store different medicines

Work january 28, 2016
Arts & Culture january 15, 2016

Pushing Boundaries, Pipes Bring 3D Printing to Smoke Culture

Water pipes perfect for minimalist highs and spatial highlights

Home january 4, 2016

3D-Printed Network Allows Boy to Grow Alongside His Prosthetic

Desktop printers and affordable prosthetics organizations are giving individuals with disabilities the opportunity to engage in boundless activities

Mobile december 30, 2015

World's Most Advanced Football Uniform Will Have Players Chasing the Greats

Understanding that every tenth-of-an-ounce matters, The Nike Vapor Untouchable Performance System aims to make the term "light on your feet" an understatement

Syndicated december 21, 2015

Design May Help Us Find Digital Tools to Cope With Extreme Weather

From relief drones to 3D-printed food and medicine, technology designers can play a vital role keeping us safe in emergencies

Technology december 16, 2015

New Balance Develops Uniform 3D-Printed Soles That Adapt to Forces Underfoot

In collaboration with design studio Nervous System, the shoe brand used underfoot pressure data and a unique foam-like structure to construct shoes for all types of runners

Sustainability december 11, 2015

Adidas Uses COP21 as a Platform for Sustainable Footwear Design

adidas leverages 3D modeling and recycled materials to reduce manufacturing's environmental impact

Luxury december 9, 2015

How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the Center of Reinvented and 3D-Printed Lollipops?

Confectionery craftsmanship that's custom-made for interested brands or organizations

Design & Architecture november 12, 2015

A Children’s Hospital Is Benefitting From Hollywood Special Effects

Boston Children's Hospital is using simulators created by company Fractured FX to practice medical procedures

Work october 8, 2015

Ex-Makerbot Team Fast-Tracks Manufacturing with Drag-And-Drop 3D Printing

3D printing edges closer and closer toward commercial territories with Voodoo Manufacturing's rapid prototyping processes

Innovation august 31, 2015

Nothing Says "Happy Birthday!" Like a Transforming Optimus Prime Cake

Through the power of 3D printing (and plenty of inventiveness), Russell Munro surprises his son with a "robot in disguise"


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