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Culture august 17, 2015

Flintstones Meets 3D Printing: 700,000 Years of History in One Tool

Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow's Man Made collection updates the ancient design of tools dating back to the Paleolithic Period

Culture august 17, 2015

Pick Your Choice of Stool Made from 3D Printing Waste Material

As the name suggests, Hot Wire Extensions are beautiful structures made by heating nylon powder with an electrical current

Cities july 24, 2015

A Tour of the MakerBot Plant in Brooklyn

PSFK toured MakerBot's new 170,000 square foot MakerBot facility, one of the most advanced factories in New York City and in the global 3D printing industry

Culture july 6, 2015

Lounge Chair Created in a Single Five-Week-Long Print

The furniture piece by 3D Systems' Janne Kyttanen features a lattice structure consisting of 6,000 layers

Cities june 17, 2015

Bicycle Steers You Right with Built-In Navigation System

Connected and 3D printed, the SOLID bike gives directions through vibrating handlebars

Design june 2, 2015

Can’t Decide on Lunch? Print It

Bocusini is a plug-and-play 3D food printer that invites users to cook with clicks

Cities may 29, 2015

Disney Develops Walking Robot that Can Bring Baymax to Life

Disney Research's robot walks on two feet with a familiar playful wobble

Design may 26, 2015

Rebooted Materials Capture a Feeling 3D Prints Haven’t Yet Achieved

Designers find inspired ways to use traditional materials without tapping the ever-popular digital manufacturing

Design may 21, 2015

Design and Print Your Own Electrospun Clothes

Electroloom makes a fabric 3D printer your tailor

Cities may 15, 2015

Relive Some of the Best Moments from PSFK 2015

PSFK pushes the rewind button on 16 talks from the PSFK 2015 conference

Design may 5, 2015

3D Print With Filament Made from Old Car Dashboards

Dutch startup Refil is recycling car parts for more sustainable 3D printing

Culture may 1, 2015

3D-Printed Air Conditioner Allows for Personalized Control Panel Displays

Haier's Quingdao air conditioner makes for facing, air flow and efficiency customization settings

Design april 23, 2015

3D-Printed Swimsuit’s Design Mimics Water Movement

Swimsuit printed on a MakerBot printer challenges fashion designers to think about responsive materials

Cities april 22, 2015

Thousands of Interlocking Components Compose 3D-Printed Dresses

Explorative fashion label Nervous Systems has printed a fully wearable dress—no assembly required


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