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3D Scanning Identifies Facial Patterns of Autism

Smartphone Cameras Turned Into 3D Scanners Capture Objects For Animation

3D-Scanning Platform Pieces A Room Together Like A Jigsaw Puzzle [Video]

Google Launches Experimental, 3D-Mapping Smartphone [Video]

PSFK’s Gift Guide: Art & Decor

Designer-Friendly 3D Avatars Mimic The Full Range Of Human Motion

Personal Stylists Create Bespoke Suits Out Of A Traveling Truck

UK Supermarket Offers Shoppers 3D-Printed Clones Of Themselves

  • 15 october 2013

All-In-One 3D Copy Machine Clones Objects

MakerBot’s 3D Scanner Creates Instantly Printable Models

3D Scanner Makes Any Object Ready For 3D Printing [Future Of Home Living]

3D Ear Canal Scanner Depicts The Inside Of The Skull

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