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Technology january 27, 2015

3D Scanning Identifies Facial Patterns of Autism

A group of University of Missouri researchers is using facial pattern data to diagnose the condition in children

Luxury june 30, 2014

Smartphone Cameras Turned Into 3D Scanners Capture Objects For Animation

A 3D-scanning app avoids the prohibitive costs of getting an actual scanner with much of the same functionality.

Mobile april 9, 2014

3D-Scanning Platform Pieces A Room Together Like A Jigsaw Puzzle [Video]

Paracosm's tool shows off the collaborative nature of Google's Project Tango.

Innovation february 21, 2014

Google Launches Experimental, 3D-Mapping Smartphone [Video]

Project Tango is a prototype dev kit and phone that can track motion and build 3D-Scanned visual maps of rooms.

Work december 20, 2013

PSFK’s Gift Guide: Art & Decor

Whether they're muses or vehicles to your recipient's next big inspiration, you'll be glad you gave these.

Technology december 2, 2013

Designer-Friendly 3D Avatars Mimic The Full Range Of Human Motion

A new software from Body Labs lets fashion creators try out their pieces on 3D models.

Retail november 26, 2013

Personal Stylists Create Bespoke Suits Out Of A Traveling Truck

Arden Reed’s tailor truck uses a 3D scanner to create custom-made suits for men.

october 15, 2013

UK Supermarket Offers Shoppers 3D-Printed Clones Of Themselves

Scan people, pets and cars while you're out picking up the weekly groceries.

Luxury september 11, 2013

All-In-One 3D Copy Machine Clones Objects

3D scan, send and print objects with a press of a button.

Work august 16, 2013

MakerBot’s 3D Scanner Creates Instantly Printable Models

The Digitizer is an easy and fast way for people to create 3D designs from scanned objects without needing any skills or experience.

Cities august 4, 2013

3D Scanner Makes Any Object Ready For 3D Printing [Future Of Home Living]

Matterform’s Photon 3D scanner is a lightweight, portable scanner that can scan physical objects and create digital files ready for 3D printing.

Innovation march 25, 2013

3D Ear Canal Scanner Depicts The Inside Of The Skull

Lantos Technologies' FDA-approved digital scanner will allow audiologists to produce better fitting hearing aids.

Home march 11, 2013

Create 3D Printed Objects With Desktop Scanner

Makerbot's Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner prototype will enable anyone to scan a physical item, digitize it, and create it.

Mobile march 7, 2012

Portable 3D Scanner For Your Smartphone [Video]

The Armada is a phone-sized scanner concept that would provide a new tool for creative projects.


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