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Retail november 24, 2015

3D Printing Offers New Balance's Running Shoes a Level of Performance Once Unattainable

The shoe brand's midsole leverages the benefits of 3D printing for optimal balance of flexibility, strength, and durability

Work october 2, 2015

Wedges Sculpted From Ice or From 3D Printer Filament?

Shoe brand United Nude presents intricate footwear that shows off the immediate power of 3D printing

Design & Architecture july 6, 2015

Lounge Chair Created in a Single Five-Week-Long Print

The furniture piece by 3D Systems' Janne Kyttanen features a lattice structure consisting of 6,000 layers

Technology june 25, 2014

3D Printer Uses Plastic Waste To Create New Objects

"Waste is only waste if we waste it," says designer, who created a recycled version of Beats headphones.

Innovation january 17, 2014

Hershey Enters 3D-Printing Partnership To Create Customizable Chocolates

An unexpected business partnership that will cook up some delectable confectionary treats.

Cities january 17, 2014

12 Stories You Need to Know Today

Unlimited desktop streaming from Spotify, massive refunds from Apple, 2014 Oscar nominees and more.

Work january 10, 2014

What Fashion Brands Should Be Aware Of When Embracing 3D Printing

NOOKA debuts line of 3D-printed timepieces with a great perspective on the emerging manufacturing method.

Technology august 26, 2013

Freeform 3D Printable CAD Designs As Easy As Playing With Play-Doh [Video]

Cubify Sculpt lets even the untrained and inexperienced design 3D printable models from virtual clay.

IoT august 18, 2013

The Future Of Making: 3D Printing Demo, Print the Future For Free

3D Systems joins PSFK at the Future of Home Living space for an exciting 3D printing demonstration.

Home august 5, 2013

Downloadable Shoes Can Be 3D-Printed Overnight [Pics]

Designer Janne Kyttanen created different styles of wedges in free files, which can be made using a CubeX printer from 3D Systems.

IoT december 11, 2012

Viewers ‘Feel’ 3D Video

Developed by Solidray, the system incorporates visual and tactile feedback to enable people to experience virtual objects.

Design & Architecture october 15, 2012

Play A 3D Printed Acoustic Guitar Made Of Plastic

Scott Summit created the musical instrument using $3,000 worth of plastic and a sterling silver headstock.

Technology august 16, 2012

Stop Motion Film Uses 3D Printed Characters To Show Over 31,000 Human Emotions

Animation studio LAIKA brings scalability to 3D printing in their feature 'ParaNorman.'

Mobile january 18, 2012

3D Printing At Home Is Now A Reality [Headlines]

New age printing company links with to offer an easy-to-use and comprehensive system to print objects designed on mobile devices, tablets and Kinect devices.


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