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Fitness & Sport august 15, 2016

Nike Unveils Their Machine-Designed Track Shoe For Olympic Runners

The algorithmically designed footwear is woven from a fine mesh to create something lighter and stiffer than ever before

Retail december 4, 2014

How Minimizing Inventory On Floor Can Revamp A Retail Experience [Future of Retail]

A new breed of digital technologies and delivery options can reduce the need for inventory in-store and allow a refocus on customer interactions and experiences.

Work november 21, 2014

3D Projection System Lets Furniture Shoppers Easily See Vast Color Choices

Vizera Labs preview system takes the guess work out of dealing with fabric swatches

Arts & Culture may 20, 2014

MIT’s Glasses-Free 3D Screen Places Holograms Inside The TV

Researchers developed a 3D projection system that doesn't require any eyewear.

Advertising july 2, 2013

Tesco To Explore In-Store 3D Printing

Supermarket giant aims to be the first to introduce the futuristic technology.

Work may 31, 2013

Vans Creates 3D-Printed Cut Outs Of Skateboarders’ Rides

Pop-up gallery houses the installation that mapped riders moves and made them into three-dimensional objects.

Advertising december 10, 2012

Axe Split-Screen 3D Film Presents A Different Story For Each Eye

For the Young/Mature campaign, the men's brand created an ad with two separate storylines depending on which side you were viewing.

Home july 21, 2012

Crate & Barrel’s 3D Design Tool Shows Furniture In Shopper’s Homes Before They Buy [Future Of Retail]

The tool lets customers upload photos of their home to an online site, where the tool 'scrubs' the furniture from the layout, leaving a blank canvas for customers to experiment with before going to the store.

Technology may 24, 2012

Dog Food Company Leaves The Fate Of An Abandoned Pup To Moviegoers’ Donations

To increase public awareness for abandoned animals, Pedigree created a unique film experience that allows moviegoers to see the benefits of their donations.

Gaming & Play march 21, 2011

Gaming That’s Good For Your Health

New innovations from Kinect and Nintendo 3DS make huge medical advances.


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