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july 8, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

$15 million iPad yacht, sequel to Where the Wild Things Are cancelled and BBC to end 3D TV experiment.

Work january 12, 2013

Piers Fawkes: 6 Tech Trends Shaping Creative Business Now

PSFK founder shares key observations from CES 2013 for execs in design, marketing and innovation.

Technology december 3, 2012

MIT Lab Develops Glasses-Free 3D TV

A new method for producing multiple-perspective 3D images allows viewers to leave those bulky specs behind.

Work january 28, 2012

Will TV Become As Irrelevant As Radio?

Once everyone gathered around to listen to the wireless, now it's something that plays in the background inside barber shops and office blocks.

september 15, 2011

Is 3D TV Doomed? [Headlines]

Consumers and pundits alike are skeptical of the potential for success of the new gadget.

Home september 12, 2011

Touchscreen Plasma TV Acts Like A Giant Tablet [Video]

LG's PenTouch TV has the same usage capabilities as a tablet, allowing users to draw and interact on the glass panel screen using a specially designed stylus pen.

Gaming & Play september 1, 2011

London 2012 Olympics Will Be Broadcast In 3D

More than 12 sports from next year's Olympic Games will air in 3D, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

Design & Architecture august 25, 2011

Screen-Swapping 3D TV Powered By Android Devices

Samsung's newest conceptual 3D TV features removable edge-less screens and wireless connection to Android devices.

Retail august 16, 2011

Moviegoers Buy Fashionable 3D Glasses From Vending Machines

EX3D offers moviegoers stylish 3D eyewear to enjoy the latest 3D flick and to take home to use with TV, gaming systems, and laptops.


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