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Cities may 31, 2016

Samsung Is Designing The First National Network For Smart Cities

We are one step closer to a fully connected, closed loop city design

Technology november 21, 2012

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Youtube is trying out a new look, Britain overtakes US as the nation with the most cultural influence, and iPads top the holiday wish list.... Links to start your day with.

Technology september 14, 2011

Indian Telco Predicts A Decrease In Population Growth Thanks To 3G Phones

An Indian telcom ad shows how 3G smart phones can be effective in controlling the population.

Innovation august 16, 2011

TabCo Tablet Offers More Than The iPad

The enigmatic computer company TabCo promises new innovations in tablet computer technology that is competitive to Apple's iPad.

Gaming & Play june 7, 2011

Sony Unveils New Playstation Vita

Sony reveals the highly anticipated successor to the PlayStation Portable at the recent E3 Gaming Expo in Los Angeles.

Arts & Culture june 22, 2010

Unilever’s Smile-Activated Ice Cream Machine

The branded vending machine experience "shares happy" during its intro at Cannes.

Sustainability june 9, 2010

Audi’s Travolution System Improves Road Safety, Promotes Eco-Friendly Driving

A new vehicle to infrastructure communication system from Audi lets cars interact with traffic lights, cars and other devices.

Technology december 8, 2009

(Pic) How To Avoid Dropped Calls

One way that some iPhone subscribers are avoiding dropped calls and slow internet is to turn their 3G service off and use the 2G service which seems to be offering faster web delivery and better call connections.

Mobile june 16, 2009
IoT march 26, 2009
Retail january 14, 2009

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