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Education july 28, 2016

Five Freedoms To Unlock Innovation

The Innovation Debrief: Boston teaches that in order for innovation to thrive, entrepreneurs must be given the liberty to do so

Mobile july 14, 2016

Earn Money Just By Driving Your Car Around

A new app lets you sign up for sticker campaigns for your car, turning your commute into a moving billboard

Arts & Culture may 9, 2016

Trains In France Bring Art Into Commuters' Daily Routines

Thanks to partnership with 3M, country's rail system will feature impressionist works

Technology september 8, 2015

Swap Out Pesky Banner Ads with Your To-Do Lists

In place of the usual Internet advertisements, Post-Its harnessed the power of tracking cookies to set your custom notes onto your webpages

Technology september 30, 2013

Evernote Lets People Turn Analog Post-Its Into Digital Notes

Users of the popular productivity tool can now save and organize their paper memos within the app itself.

Innovation june 27, 2012

Futuristic Paper Reflects Light To Create Realistic Looking 3D Images [Video]

Prototype concept allows user to print what appear to be three dimensional images.

Design & Architecture june 9, 2012

Designer Lights An Entire Room Using One LED [NY DESIGN WEEK 2012]

Todd Bracher Design creates Virtual LED which gives off 784% more light using 3M technology.

Innovation march 16, 2011

What’s The Criteria For Being An Innovative Company?

Fourtune Magazine's list of the "Best & worst in: Innovation" begs the question of what exactly makes us value and admire a company for being groundbreaking.

Work february 2, 2011

Innovation Models: 3M's 15 Percent Program

3M's approach to employee-generated innovation offers insights and lessons for other organizations, disciplines and even personal projects.

Design & Architecture november 4, 2010

Filtrete Water Station

An innovative water filtration system effectively lessens the use of PET bottles.


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