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Culture january 27, 2014

Virtual Gallery Curates The Masterpieces Hidden In Video Games [Pics]

Artist Jon Gourley has opened the Video Game Art Museum, featuring the 8-bit paintings from the backgrounds of video games.

Technology september 16, 2013

Game Of Thrones 8-Bit Videogame Pixelates HBO’s Warring Kingdoms [Video]

Spanish comic book artist creates a game that GoT fans can enjoy for free.

Home july 9, 2013

Vine Series Reenacts Super Mario Game Using Snack Food [Video]

Mario goes on an edible adventure in this series of short videos.

Design april 5, 2013

iDevice Sleeve Looks Like Old-School, 8-Bit Envelope Icon [Pics]

Designed by Mike Mak, this case comes in different sizes to hold iPads and MacBooks.

Advertising january 22, 2013

London Street Turned Into Real-Life Video Game Set

The famous Brick Lane hosted a guerilla-marketing stunt by Disney to promote their new film Wreck-It Ralph.

Culture december 19, 2012

LEGO Pixel Art Backpack

For anyone who wants to show their creativity and individuality, this design-your-own bag is a good bet.

Culture august 24, 2012

Artist Creates 8-Bit Clothing From Melted Beads [Pics]

Sabine Ducasse creates unique pieces of clothing by fusing perler beads together for her ‘Melting Pot’ project.

Culture august 2, 2012

8-Bit Montage Of The Sports At The Olympic Games [Video]

Animation production studio Flikli has created a retro 8-bit video of all the sports at London 2012.

Culture may 16, 2012

Photographs Depict Iconic Video Games In The Real World

Artist Patrick Runte imagines what it would look like if Tetris blocks and other icons were anthropomorphized into the real world

Advertising october 31, 2011

Digital Fashion: Pixelated Designs That Pop

Morinaga takes stuffy old-style designs and pixelates them, creating a unique and inspiring look that's fun and fresh.

Advertising august 17, 2011

Hipster Ipsum Offers Trendy Filler For Your Website

A satirical random word generator provides insight into a culture that passionately attempts to curtail its own identification.

Culture june 3, 2011

Pixelated Animal Sculptures Bring Art And Tech To Life [Pics]

An American artist uses 8-bit images to create unique sculptures of the natural world.

Design february 11, 2011

Modular Pixel Wall Brings 8 Bit Decor That Bends To Your Whims [Pics]

Conceptual wall design bends light to improve the optics of interior decor.

Gaming november 15, 2010

Crowdsourcing 8 Bit Educational Games combines the power of play and 8 bit gaming to increase education opportunities in the developing world.


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