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Work may 23, 2014

Decade-Long Timelapse Documents The Rebuilding Of Ground Zero

A webcam documents the site's transformation from rubble to landmark.

Innovation may 16, 2014

8 Stories You Need To Know Today

Flappy bird returns, Google Glass to host Foursquare and 911 texting.

Technology august 12, 2013

Facebook Fans Determine Design For Limited Edition Porsche [Pics]

Sports car company celebrate 5 million fans by letting them design their own car.

Arts & Culture april 16, 2013

9/11 Museum Will Showcase Survivor’s Recorded Memories

Visitors will hear recordings of people from around the world recounting where they were and what they felt seeing the attack.

Advertising september 11, 2012

NYPD Pays Tribute To Fallen Members Of 9/11 With Memorial Tweets

Police officers memorialize victims of September 11 using social networks.

october 16, 2011

Family’s Corn Maze ‘Fun’ Ends In 911 Rescue [Headlines]

Family calls in K-9 and rescue unit to escape corn maze in Massachusetts.

Cities september 11, 2011

Illegal Art Creates Interactive 9/11 Memorial Along Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue

Street art collective challenges New Yorkers to share their feelings about 9/11 by lining an NYC sidewalk with chalk.

IoT september 11, 2011

The Meaningful Algorithmic Placement Of Names On The 9/11 Memorial

Data visualizer Jer Thorp created a program that would depict the relationships between the victims through the location of their name.

Cities september 6, 2011

Hip Hop Star Explores The Aftermath Of Japan’s Earthquake Disaster [Video]

Palladium hires Pharrell Williams to star in Tokyo Rising, a short documentary on the aftermath of Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Luxury september 6, 2011

Cool Your Drink With Mini Frozen Porsche Cars

Porsche has created a unique ice tray where every block of ice comes out in shape of their iconic car models.

Mobile august 25, 2011

Did Reporters Hack The Phones Of 9/11 Victims? [Headlines]

A U.S. attorney is investigating whether reports that News of the World journalists hacked the phones of 9/11 victims are true.

Design & Architecture august 25, 2011

9/11 Memorial Construction: 7 Years In 90 Seconds [Video]

A time lapse video has captured the construction of the The National September 11 Memorial at Ground Zero.

Innovation august 12, 2011

Next Generation 911 Will Accept Texts, Photos & Videos

The FCC has announced its plan to update the ways people can report emergencies.

Technology july 27, 2011

DIY Projects Commemorating 10th Anniversary Of 9/11

Ten years after 9/11, New Yorkers use social media and crowdfunding platforms to fulfill independent projects to commemorate the September 11 attacks.


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