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Work december 29, 2013

Autonomous Drone Sees The World Through Smartphone's Eyes

This tiny unmanned copter will take your phone to heights it's never seen.

Luxury december 5, 2013

Shoes Track Whether Athletes Are Running Properly

This new form of wearable tech has a more intimate relationship with your foot than even most socks.

Mobile july 26, 2013

Step Counter Alarm Requires Snoozers To Walk Around To Turn It Off

The Walk Up! clock app uses a phone's accelerometer to make sure users wake up.

Technology december 19, 2012

Cat Car Lets Owners ‘Drive’ Their Feline Friends

Created by Sam Brenner for his final ITP project, the device features a steering wheel that controls a laser pointer for kitties to follow.

Arts & Culture november 29, 2012

Tape An iPhone To A Skateboard To Visualize Tricks & Stunts [Video]

Design team creates an app that can track the movement of professional skaters in real-time.

IoT october 24, 2012

Camera Records Life Every 30 Seconds

The Memoto is a wearable camera that clips onto your clothes to capture thousands of photos of your day.

Technology october 19, 2012

Fitness Tracker Knows What Exercise You’re Doing, Calculates Accordingly

Amiigo is a bracelet, shoe clip, and app that can identify how you're exercising from your movements using gesture-based software algorithms.

Partner Content march 31, 2012

Are We Moving Toward A More Natural Future With Technology?

Steve Clayton, the editor of the Next at Microsoft blog, shares his thoughts on the growing trend of Natural User Interfaces.

Gaming & Play january 13, 2012

Kinect Controlled Skateboard Steered With Hand Gestures

The engineers from Chaotic Moon Labs pushed the limitations of the Microsoft Kinect by using it to move and control a physical object rather than virtual ones.

Innovation january 5, 2012

Wearable Tech Converts Gamers' Everyday Actions Into Opportunities For Play [Future Of Gaming]

The start-up Greengoose uses motion-powered sensors and accelerometers to track a user’s everyday activities and credit them online.

Arts & Culture july 12, 2011

TEDGlobal: Imogen Heap's Musical Gloves Manipulate Sound With Hand Gestures

During her performance today at TEDGlobal, singer Imogen Heap debuted high tech musical gloves, manipulating sounds and her voice with hand gestures only.

Advertising june 8, 2011

Nintendo Showcases Wii U Controller At E3 2011

Nintendo reveals a striking new controller for the Wii at the E3 2011 in Los Angeles.

Home april 27, 2011

Studying Human Complexity Through Harvested Smartphone Data

The Wall Street Journal reports that numerous researchers are using information gathered from phones to decipher otherwise hidden social patterns, relationships, spending habits, and even political views of their respective owners.

Mobile april 13, 2011

MIT Uses Mobile Devices' Built-In Motion Sensors To Improve Wireless Connection

Researchers have found a way to increase network throughput by 50%.


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