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Cities september 13, 2013

Then-And-Now Crime Photos Reveal The Hidden Past Of New York Buildings [Pics]

Shocking news stories from history recreated at various locations around NYC.

Technology july 24, 2012

Personal Videocams Are A Cyclist’s Best Defense [Headlines]

Bike riders are increasingly using cameras and other devices to catch drivers leaving the scene of an accident.

Home march 29, 2012

AT&T Vibrating Steering Wheel Keeps Drivers Focused On The Road

Haptic feedback might be able to reduce accidents caused by in-car distractions.

Innovation october 17, 2011

Which Intersection In New York Is The Most Dangerous For Pedestrians?

CrashStat is an interactive map that point out intersections in New York with the most road accidents.

Technology september 8, 2011

Netflix Limited Streaming Error Message Angers Customers

A Netflix system error accidentally forces users to only stream one movie at a time, but will this be a permanent situation?

Design & Architecture august 22, 2011

Smart LEDs Increase Bicycle Visibility And Driver Awareness At Night

Project Aura uses RGB LEDs installed inside bike rims to tell drivers the speed of an oncoming bike. By increasing overall bicycle visibility, the creators hope to decrease the number of collisions.

Innovation august 18, 2011

App Shows Road Accidents In Augmented Reality [Video]

Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs tackles road safety with an app that augments reality. Users can instantly see car-related deaths, accidents and injuries that may have occurred in that particular area.

Luxury august 3, 2011

Monocolumn: Polish Minister Shamefully Resigns,Then Runs For Senate

In today's column from luxury magazine, Monocle, a report on the plane crash that killed former Polish president Lech Kaczyński, and caused defence minister Bogdan Klich to resign.

Luxury july 4, 2011

BMW Puts Your Safety First With New Automoatic Crash Notification Technology

BMW's enhanced automatic crash notification system reports severity of accidents to authorities and hospital trauma centers.

Design & Architecture october 21, 2010

Hövding: An Airbag For Cyclists

Protective gear for cyclists can be worn as a clothing accessory.

Mobile february 5, 2010

Turning Technology Errors Into Pleasant Experiences

Rachel Perry Welty takes the serendipity of accidents and converts them into an enjoyable performance.


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