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Boutique Hotel Offers Rooms In Historical Bauhaus Studios

Spacious Van Doubles As A Hostel That Can Be Booked Online [Video]

Airbnb Creates Permanent Tool For Disaster Victims To Find Nearby Housing

Shipping Containers Repurposed To House The Homeless

Underwater Bar Lets Patrons Drink And Dance Among The Fish [Pics]

IKEA-Style Hotel Has Pre-Made Rooms That Are Assembled On-Site

Hotel Accepts Doodles From Artists As Payment For Rooms

Miami ‘Gay’ Resort Opens Pop-Up ‘Hotel Within A Hotel’ For NYC Pride Week

Divorce Hotel Ensures Guests Checkout Happily Unmarried

Travelodge To Host A Writer In Residence

AirBnb Launches iPhone Alerts To Help Make Last-Minute Bookings

Live Street Video Feed Immerses Hotel Guests In Local Action As It Happens

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