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Culture september 29, 2014

Acoustic Guitar Aesthetic That Offers Digital Effects

ToneWood-Amp, or Twamp, is a phone-sized box that lets electric guitarists get the effects they want from an acoustic instrument

Culture september 24, 2014

DUBS Earplugs Won’t Sacrifice the Listening Experience

'Acoustic Filters' are advanced tech devices with 17 individual parts that reduce volume and protect ears

Culture august 18, 2014

Acoustic iPhone Amps Designed as Functional Household Art

Eight is a natural amplifier made with eco-friendly materials and comes in a timeless design

Cities february 11, 2013

Acoustic Guitar Project Forces Musicians To Play Without Technology

The Acoustic Guitar Project brings music back to basics by challenging artists to rely on themselves and their instrument to create raw, unadulterated music.

Design june 15, 2012

Earbuds Made From Salvaged Wood Actually Improve Sound Quality

Headphone casings created from recycled materials ensure better acoustics.

Culture january 31, 2012

Retro Acoustic iPhone Docks Turn Your Device Into A Gramophone [Pics]

Ryan Boase's ReAcoustic' on Etsy offers custom made docks that don't need batteries or power cords.

Culture july 12, 2011

Springwise: Wall Panels Soak In The Music And Light Up The Room

Restaurants, hotels, and reception areas may soon have sound-absorbant wall panels that give off soft, "dreamlike" light. Its ambient quality makes anyone feel relaxed while lounging.

Advertising may 5, 2011

Wake Up to Real Music With The Acoustic Alarm Clock

Designer Jamie McMahon creates a more pleasant alternative to the digital alarm clock

Culture may 4, 2011

Composing Music For Your Inner Ear

Audio visual wizard Robin Fox has been nominated for the prestigious Future Everything Award for his ongoing research into musical works tailored specifically for cochlear implants.


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