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Financial Services september 16, 2016

Nixon Releases Smartwatch Suite Built For Adventurers

Their waterproof watch has been built for an active lifestyle, sporting over 44,000 custom configurations

Health august 18, 2016

McDonald's Is Encouraging Kids To Play With Free Activity Trackers

Inspired by the summer Olympics, the fast food chain is handing out pedometers instead of toys in their Happy Meals

Retail august 9, 2016

Turn Your Fitness Data Into Customized Nutrition Plans

An advanced wearable system translates your entire exercise routine, weight and food habits into a customized eating plan

Technology june 15, 2016

Lenovo's Shoes Bring Activity Trackers Directly To Runners' Feet

The computer brand has unveiled a connected shoe concept that can track steps, calories, sweat and body fat percentage

Health april 6, 2016

Adidas Wearable Tracks Gym Class Activity

The Zone fitness band communicates fitness data to PE teachers for personalized student plans

Mobile january 5, 2016

Fitbit Lets You Blaze Ahead in Fitness and in Taste [CES 2016]

Blaze, Fitbit's latest wearable, is a fitness tracker at heart but a connected watch at face value

Technology september 21, 2015

Connected Insoles Warm Your Digits

Bluetooth-enabled insoles also track steps and calories while warming up your cold feet

Advertising september 17, 2015

QuitBit Doesn’t Time Your Run, It Times Your Life Expectancy

A grim (and fake) Fitbit-like wearable wants to remind the younger crowd to plan ahead

Design & Architecture september 15, 2015

Jawbone Nail Art Matches Your Activity Tracking to Your Manicure

Jawbone and OPI picked the perfect nail art looks to go with the new UP activity trackers

Work june 16, 2015

How To Build Your Own Activity Tracker

Creating the activity tracker RetroBand is easier than you think

Mobile april 1, 2015

A Slim and Simple Activity Tracker for Under $30

Hannspree's Sportwatch does everything you'd expect from a smartwatch but for dollars

Work january 22, 2015

Non-Tech Wearable Wants To Outperform Your Activity Trackers

FLIP BAND is a wristband that looks similar to wearable tech, and has a similar motivational purpose, but that boasts no technology

Innovation july 2, 2014

Withings Releases Fitness Tracker That Actually Looks Like A Watch

Withings has released a high-tech wearable device with an analog design.

Work february 27, 2014

Samsung Gets Into Fitness Tracking With New Smartwatch

The technology brand hopes to attract consumers with active lifestyles in latest launch of wearable devices.


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