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Advertising april 20, 2016

Face Swap Ad Inspires Empathy With Others

A new set of print ads want to put you in the place of others to inspire compassion

Design & Architecture september 18, 2015

Shoes Designed to Kick Cigarette Smoking to the Curb

Vans and truth collaborate on a youth non-smoking campaign

Technology september 17, 2015

QuitBit Doesn’t Time Your Run, It Times Your Life Expectancy

A grim (and fake) Fitbit-like wearable wants to remind the younger crowd to plan ahead

Cities december 1, 2014

Fully Knitted 7up Bus Tours Streets of London

7up Free celebrates a new global look and fee with a revamped classic Routemaster bus – knitted inside and out

Sustainability july 8, 2014

Coca-Cola Gets A Colorless, Eco-Friendly Can Redesign

Concept packaging eliminates toxic manufacturing materials while retaining elements of the brand.

Work march 12, 2014

Convicted Felons Create Ad Campaigns For Major Brands [Pics]

Concepting With Convicts taps into prisoners' creative potential.

Retail december 2, 2013

Baggage Claim Doubles As A Prize-Giving Wheel Of Fortune

Another example of innovative Zappos marketing.

Arts & Culture october 21, 2013

Google Autocomplete Suggestions Reveal Worldwide Sexism [Pics]

Ad campaign fights back against internet search terms like "Women shouldn't have rights."

Design & Architecture october 2, 2013

Submarine Rises Up From Beneath City Street

As part of a publicity stunt by an Italian insurance company, the submarine appeared to be crashing through the sidewalk in Milan.

Technology august 5, 2013

Brands Offer Prizes To Instagrammers With The Most Ad-Worthy Photos

New app offers rewards to users who let companies use their personal pictures in their campaigns.

Home july 19, 2013

Recycling Campaign Hopes To Give Trash A Second Life [Video]

With the tagline “I Want to be Recycled,” Keep America Beautiful aims to increase the amount of garbage that is repurposed.

Advertising june 27, 2013

Beer Fridge Only Opens By Scanning Canadian Passport [Video]

Molson Canadian launched a campaign aimed at restoring Canadian pride by placing exclusive fridges in select European areas.

Home june 4, 2013

MINI's Surprise Bathroom Airbags Discourage Applying Makeup While Driving [Video]

A campaign in Mexico placed the auto safety device in soap dispensers inside public restrooms.

Mobile may 7, 2013

Child Abuse PSA Delivers Encrypted Message Only Kids Can See

A new ad campaign reaches out to young people who feel threatened, in a way that will keep them safe.


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