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Technology november 11, 2016

Adobe Launches Voice-Synthesizing Technology

Project VoCo provides precise control over audio, even synthesizing spoken word to accuratly emulate a person's voice

Entertainment october 4, 2016

Adobe Releases Three-Part Documentary Series Made Entirely Of Stock Footage

The collection of high-quality video assets range from live-action to abstract footage, while showcasing the creative process of three different artists

Media & Publishing september 16, 2016

Mock Collection Highlights Soulless Nature Of Stock Photos

Adobe Stock Apparel is a fake clothing line meant to highlight how bland and bizarre free-use images tend to be

Technology august 2, 2016

Adobe's Virtual Oil Paint Simulator Adds Texture To Your Screen

The program allows for 3D drawings to be digitally-rendered in real-time

Retail june 1, 2016

Digital Interfaces Make In-Store Shopping A More Personalized Experience

Adobe Director explains how new technology is reshaping customers' shopping experience

Advertising march 31, 2016

Getty Images Partners with Google and Apple To Reach More Consumers

Stock photo agency tries to broaden its consumer base by going B2Everyone

Work february 24, 2016

Moleskine: The Brand to Give Nomads a Mobile Identity

A family of untethered objects built on inspiration, exploration and productivity

Travel october 19, 2015

Erase Tourists From Your Travel Photos

Could textbook-perfect monument images be the next photography goal achieved by smartphone photographers? Adobe thinks so

Work july 22, 2015

Meet Dronestagram, the Instagram of Drone Photography

With more than 30,000 users, Dronestagram is capitalizing on the growing popularity of aerial photography

Mobile march 31, 2015

Design Projects are Rewarded Bridge Between Tablet and Desktop

Abode releases Comp CC, which simplifies the design process for mobile, print, and web

Arts & Culture february 26, 2015

Sketching App Turns iPad into Brainstorming Tool Worthy of Boardrooms

Adonit Forge allows for drawing, storyboarding, and design critique in collaborative settings

Innovation february 6, 2015

Adobe Employees Rewarded with a Red Box Full of Creative Potential

Employees are given pack of tricks including a $1,000 prepaid credit card to fund any creative project

Arts & Culture january 28, 2015

Adobe Ignites Employee Innovation with a Red Box

Employees are given pack of tricks including a $1,000 prepaid credit card to fund any creative project

Work november 24, 2014

Adobe Releases New Pen and Ruler Combo for iPads

The new hybrid product will turn tablets into professional tools for creatives


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