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Work november 20, 2014

Adobe is Shaping the Future of Creative Mobile Apps

By focusing on two key insights, the software company is co-evolving alongside brands across categories

Work november 10, 2014

Youth-Powered Social Cause Takes Shape in the Form of ‘Bully Project’

Online platform lets artist showcase their work via mural, posters to help raise awareness

IoT october 21, 2014

Adobe App Concept Lets Creatives Make Visual Mockups from Sketches

Project LayUp is an iPad tool that lets users create mockups without the need for a desktop computer

News october 7, 2014

7 Items You Need to Know Today

Google is opening up its entrepreneur campus in Madrid next year, UPS and FedEx get serious about holiday shopping season and Adobe reaches out to designers via several apps

Luxury september 9, 2014

Designer, Adobe Partner for Functional, Commercial 3D-Printed Shoe

Francis Bitonti teams up with the digital solutions giant for his new footwear collection

Technology june 20, 2014

Adobe Takes On iPad Sketching With A Stylus Set

Creativity goes mobile with Ink & Slide, hardware designed to make drawing on the iPad more natural and fluid.

Mobile june 2, 2014

MIT Develops Method To Bring Studio Lighting To Phone Pics

A new algorithm from MIT researchers could soon apply signature photographic styles to your cell phone photos.

Cities january 17, 2014

12 Stories You Need to Know Today

Unlimited desktop streaming from Spotify, massive refunds from Apple, 2014 Oscar nominees and more.

Arts & Culture september 12, 2013

Celebrated Novels Transformed Into Evocative Color Schemes [Pics]

Artist Jaz Parkinson’s Color Charts use striped book covers to represent authors’ words invoking color.

Technology june 10, 2013

Unsuspecting Bus Riders Are Photoshopped While They Wait [Video]

People waiting at a bus stop are photographed and their images altered in a campaign for Adobe.

may 7, 2013

9 Stories You Need To Know Today

Adobe makes hardware, YouTube's paid subscriptions and eBay shares user data...links to start your day with.

Gaming & Play march 14, 2013

12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Netflix to feature a Facebook feed, Twitter may have a music app and online retail continues to rise...links to start your day with.

Work january 13, 2013

Software Plug-In Sharpens User Skills On Latest Programs [Future Of Work]

Adobe has created a plug-in called LevelUp to help educate users on how to use the program basics or improve their proficiency.

Technology january 13, 2013

Digital Knowledge Updates – A Future Of Work Trend

Services borne out of the e-learning revolution are enabling workers to stay up to date with the most sophisticated technology on the market.


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