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Luxury january 15, 2016

Would You Design a House to Be Seen From the Sky?

Designed for aerial and satellite views, this humble home has become a topographic landmark permanently placed on Google Maps

Technology december 5, 2014

Nano Drone Brings Aerial Photography to a Personal Level

A 55g drone camera offers all the features of the big boys... and more

Arts & Culture september 10, 2013

Perfectly Lined-Up Photos Fuse Landscape And Fashion Shots [Pics]

Two unlikely mediums combined to create a seamless transition from one to the other.

Technology july 24, 2013

Instagram For Drones Aims To Map The World From Above [Pics]

A new social network that lets enthusiasts share the machine's aerial photography with others.

Arts & Culture may 2, 2013

Photos Taken From Kites Capture Landscape At New Angles [Pics]

This collection of spectacular bird’s eye view shots were taken by suspending a camera from the flying device.

Home february 22, 2013

National Geographic Photographer Captures Aerial Shots From Motorized Lawn Chair

George Steinmetz captures amazing photographs from the lightest powered aircraft in the world.

Technology october 14, 2010

Spy Kites To Supplant Satellite Source Of Google Maps?

The simple power of the toy opens new horizons for the ambitious mapping project.

Sustainability june 22, 2009

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