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Home april 19, 2016

MINI Designs Affordable Housing Solutions With Unique Shared Living Concept

The car brand takes to architecture to look for a solution to this urban living issue

Technology january 28, 2015

3D-Printed McMansion Demonstrates Growing Capabilities to ‘Pop Out’ Large Structures

At this rate, could a giant 3D printer one day spit out an entire city?

Luxury march 6, 2014

Real Estate Firm Donates Condos Like TOMS Shoes [Video]

One-for-one business model gives Cambodian landfill communities hope.

Arts & Culture july 23, 2013

Apartment Made Of Bed Sheets Provides Affordable Housing [Pics]

Designed by Tanya Shukstelinsky, the Cocoon dwelling is made of two hanging sheets of fabric, navigated by clinging to the stitches created inside.

Advertising july 16, 2013

Tweet-Streaming Dress Helps Activists’ Voices Get Heard [Video]

Techy dress grabs Swedish politician’s attention by giving youth a mouthpiece.

Technology may 17, 2012

Download A 3D Printable House [Pics]

Wikihouse demonstrated how the construction system can be used to easily print and build affordable shelter.

Cities june 2, 2010

Cities Encouraging Backyard Cottages

In the wake of the recession, small backyard homes are proving to be a useful option.


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