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Design & Architecture may 6, 2013

Flash Mob Art Project Arms Crowds In Kabul With 10,000 Pink Balloons

Yazmany Arboleda hopes to spread a little bit of happiness in the war-torn capital of Afghanistan.

Work february 6, 2013

British Soldiers Use Palm-Sized Helicopter Drones For Surveillance

The UK Ministry of Defence has started to use Black Hornet Nano drones to help troops in Afghanistan.

Home november 8, 2012

Portrait Series Shows Effect Of War On Soldiers’ Faces [Pics]

In a series of before, during and after photographs, Lalage Snow captures the physical toll a deployment takes on a person.

Gaming & Play december 27, 2011

US Army Uses Strategy Game To Embed Lessons Of Cultural Awareness [Future Of Gaming]

'Culture Shock: Afghanistan' is a PC-based strategy game being tested by the armed forces that prepares captains for deployment by teaching them lessons in cultural awareness.

Technology december 27, 2011

Key Trend: Using Gaming To Embed Knowledge

Educators are building game experiences as a way to create an intuitive and engaging environment for players of any skill-level to deepen their knowledge about a wide-range of social and academic topics.

Work september 22, 2011

Military Struggles To Find Helium For Spy Blimp Surge [Headlines]

The Defense Logistics Agency is unable to keep up with the demand in Afghanistan to keep these surveillance tools in the air.

IoT september 4, 2011

How Urban Arts Are Transforming Asia’s Youth Culture

An exhibition in Berlin spotlights how skateboarding, breakdancing, and street art are influencing Central and Eastern Asia.

Cities august 15, 2011

Shepard Fairey On The Political & Physical Reaction To His Art

In this article, the artists explains the work he did in Copenhagen and why it's wrong to connect it to the local authorities there.

Sustainability august 2, 2011

Monocolumn: Is Obama’s Message Of Change Now One Of Compromise?

In today's column from luxury magazine, Monocle, we learn that as the United States reaches its debt limit, its Obama's slow-yielding attempts at turning around the recession that are being blamed.

Design & Architecture january 26, 2011

Tracking The Taliban? Soldier Develops An App To Do Just That

An iPhone app designed for use in combat has been developed by Captain Jonathan Springer, a U.S. soldier.

Technology august 11, 2010

US Soldiers To Use Smartphones With Translation Capabilities In Afghanistan

The TRANSTAC Project is an effort to break the language barrier between the military and locals.

Arts & Culture february 2, 2009

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