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12 Stories You Need To Know Today

  • 21 october 2013

Discarded Electronic Scraps Assemble Into A Functional 3D Printer [VIDEO]

Eerie Photos Capture Deadly Lake That Turns Animals Into Statues [Pics]

Floating Catalog Promotes Airline’s New Plane [Video]

Eco-Friendly, Wood-Burning Stove Cuts Carbon Emissions In Half

Flat-Pack Truck Can Be Built In Less Than 12 Hours

How Geolocation Is Saving The Developing World

Solar-Powered Mobile Truck Could Change African Healthcare

Ad Aimed At Doctors Can Only Be Heard Through A Stethoscope [Video]

Solar-Powered Airplane Could Deliver Medical Supplies To Africa

How A Solar-Powered Lamp-Post May Save Mali

Intelligent Pumps Send Alerts When Water Has Run Out