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Mother’s Day Campaign Envisions A Future With Robot Moms

Airbnb Creates Permanent Tool For Disaster Victims To Find Nearby Housing

San Francisco Creates A Social Network For Emergencies [Video]

GPS Armband Sends Alerts When Aid Workers Go Missing

  • 15 april 2013
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Fifteen Ideas Transforming Life In Africa

How To Help Africa Manufacture Its Own Emergency & Relief Supplies

Fred Perry Supports Working-Class Young Athletes In Urban Ping Pong Tournament

Sonar-Controlled Glove Helps the Visually Impaired to Navigate

SparkRelief: Creating Community For The Displaced In Japan

Zemoga Uses AR To Meet UNICEF’s Goal Of Connecting Different Cultures Around The World

Homeless ‘Get What They Want’ To Leave Streets

A 3D Printed Map To Guide The Visually Impaired

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