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Sustainability august 29, 2016

Brewing Company Turns Car Emissions Into Ink

Tiger Beer has created a sustainable process to transform air pollution into supplies for street art

Retail july 29, 2016

Shirt Changes Patterns When It Detects Air Pollution

The garment is designed to undergo a color shift when it detects carbon monoxide, particle pollution or radioactivity

Europe june 30, 2016

Sweden Hosts The World’s First eHighway

Siemens has successfully built the first electric highway for trucks

Cities may 31, 2016

Samsung Is Designing The First National Network For Smart Cities

We are one step closer to a fully connected, closed loop city design

Technology february 15, 2016

Taking On China’s Air Pollution Catastrophe with Bottled Air

Pollution is an epidemic that needs to be met with packaged oxygen

Sustainability december 22, 2014

Baking Meringue Cookies to Assess Air Quality

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy suggests a "tasty" way to measure air pollution

Work december 12, 2014

Crowdsourcing Data to Fight Air Pollution

Breathe is a wearable device that gathers data from all users to help them find cleanest air

Home december 2, 2014

Fashionable Monitor Finds Clean Air For You

The TZOA sensor's fashionable design gives it a head-start in the burgeoning wearable tech sector

IoT november 18, 2014

Chinese May Trade Smog Masks for Headworn Air Purifiers

The wearable is less obtrusive than the mask and measures air pollution data

Work november 11, 2014

Wearable Air Quality Monitor Helps Avoid Pollution Hot Spots

UC Berkeley students bring us 'Clarity' to inspire action on climate change

Innovation november 3, 2014

Handheld Device for Crowdsourcing Air Pollution Data

The AirBeam is a powerful, portable tool that will measure air quality and share information on an online platform

Mobile october 28, 2014

App Turns Air Pollution into a Game

Steer clear of air toxins with the help of a cutely designed phone tool

Cities july 7, 2014

Real-Time Air Quality Map Shows Breathability Of Global Cities

PerkinElmer's new color-coded reporting system will show each neighborhood's level of pollution.

Technology july 1, 2013

Cylinder Sensor Measures Indoor Air Quality [Video]

Keep your family safe from indoor air pollutants with this easy-to-use device.


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