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Home october 20, 2016

Small Device Creates A Personal Weather Station Inside In Your Home

Netatmo's new sensor is a standalone air quality monitor that can measure humidity, purity, noise and temperature

Cities september 1, 2016

Chicago's 'Fitness Tracker' Keeps A Pulse On The Vitals Of The City

The metropolis is installing connected monitors on street corners that collect data such as traffic, air quality, sound pollution and pedestrian density

Technology june 2, 2016

Can A Personal Air Quality Tracker Improve Your Everyday Breathing Experience?

Improving air quality in cities by focusing on the areas where we breathe the most

Travel may 3, 2016

How Does Your City's Subway Stack Up To Others?

A newly devised 'transit score' gives cities a meaningful way to compete

Technology april 20, 2016

This Company Wants You To Breathe Fresher Air

Pollution continues to grow, but the University of Copenhagen hopes to make a difference

IoT june 12, 2015

Device Brings Personalized Air to the Home

Awair is a tabletop product to ensure you stay in charge of your home's air quality

Sustainability december 22, 2014

Baking Meringue Cookies to Assess Air Quality

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy suggests a "tasty" way to measure air pollution

Sustainability july 7, 2014

Real-Time Air Quality Map Shows Breathability Of Global Cities

PerkinElmer's new color-coded reporting system will show each neighborhood's level of pollution.

Mobile july 2, 2014

Boston Park Benches Charge Mobile Devices And Monitor Air Quality

City parks will soon include smart benches, helping parkgoers stay connected while enjoying green space.

Work january 27, 2014

Handheld Sensor Tracks Carbon Dioxide Levels Throughout the Day

The NODE's CO2 module measures the air quality and sends the info to a smart device.

Mobile december 21, 2012

Portable Monitor Sends Tailored Air Pollution Updates To Phones

CitiSense is a system that lets you check air quality conditions in the palm of your hand.

Work august 23, 2012

Green Walls Bring Offices To Life

Bringing natural elements into the workspace enhances mood, health, and ultimately profit.

Gaming & Play may 3, 2012

New Technology Will Map Out Pollution In 3D During The London Olympics

An advanced instrument can better measure how extra traffic affects air quality.

Cities june 30, 2011

Zurich Buses and Mobile Networks May Soon Monitor Air Quality

The Swiss take the public in public transport to heart and have proposed a way to use buses to track air pollution.


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