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[News] Lufthansa sells airline seats on Airbnb
[Inspiration] Virgin America creates airborne Snapchat filters
Travel january 11, 2016

Designing a More Accessible Airplane for People With Disabilities

The Department of Transportation is exploring changes to airplane designs and airline policies

Luxury december 8, 2014

Origami-Inspired Device Could Make Air Travel More Comfortable

The Soarigami mimics paper airplanes to double armrest area and improve quality of life during air travel

Travel february 20, 2014

Windowless Plane Streams The Sky Inside The Cabin

Scheduled to take off in 2018, Spike Aerospace has replaced the windows in its new supersonic private jet with high-definition video streaming screens.

Technology august 7, 2013

Laser-Equipped Planes Could Dodge Turbulence

Scientists are testing a new system that can detect turbulence by monitoring minor changes in the air.

Work july 17, 2013

Office Desks Salvage Vintage Airplane Parts [Pics]

World War II bombers and other aircraft turned into custom office furniture

Technology september 18, 2012

Airplane Manufacturer Proposes Decreasing Emissions By Shortening Flights

Airbus proposes 5 platform changes for air travel by 2050, lessening CO2 emissions and minimizing travel time.

Advertising june 8, 2012

Google Maps To Launch Offline Option [Headlines]

The search giant releases an offline maps option for Android and works to make Street View more comprehensive.

Arts & Culture february 22, 2012

Digital Binocular Display Aiport Information As A Digital Overlay

Real-time data on planes are collected from the control tower and instantly shown in the viewfinder.

Travel august 31, 2011

Optimized Method To Board Planes Cuts Waiting Time In Half

A new optimized method of boarding airplanes promises to reduce time in half and a 40% gain in efficiency.

Luxury july 29, 2011

Korean Air Partners With Absolut To Add Bars To Its Jets

The Airbus 380s will be fitted with three bars; two in Business Class and one in First Class.

Design & Architecture july 29, 2011

Air Asia Flies High With Its Plane T-Shirt [Pics]

Creative packaging design for the airline's branded t-shirt.

Arts & Culture july 27, 2011

Monocolumn: Airbus and Boeing Battle For American Airline’s Next Generation Of Fuel-Efficient Airplanes

In today's column from luxury magazine, Monocle, American Airlines scores a superior deal on 460 fuel-efficient airplanes, by offering both Boeing and Airbus the job.


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