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Check In Your Bags With This Airport Robot

  • 20 june 2016
  • Ai

JetBlue’s Recent Outdoor Campaign Inspires Wanderlust

Will Airports of the Future Include Self-Driving Shuttles?

World’s Largest Passenger Terminal Would Take on Second-Busiest Airport Traffic

Looking for Smart Luggage? Trunkster is Your Zipperless, High Tech Carry-On

How Technology is Making Sure You Never Get Lost Again

  • 7 october 2014
  • IoT

Azerbaijan’s New Airport Terminal Features ‘Organic’ Spaces, Futuristic Design

Helsinki Airport Offers Yoga Classes To Help Travelers Relax Pre-Flight

Samsung Turns Heathrow Terminal Into A Massive Galaxy S5 Ad

Digital Airport Information Kiosks Help Travelers Explore Their Destination City

International Plane Routes Visualized As Colorful Graphics [Pics]

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