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Travel november 28, 2016

Longboard Design Folds Up To Fit Into A Backpack

The BoardUp is a longboard design created to go with riders wherever they travel

Technology august 30, 2016

Airport Mural Puts Passengers In The Clouds

The installation in an Amsterdam terminal lets travelers float through a series of billowing 3D digital shapes

Travel august 1, 2016

Biometric Scanning Startup Promises Speedy Airport Security Lines

Authenticate your identity and scan your documents in a matter of seconds instead of waiting in line

Retail july 8, 2016

This Store Is Made To Feel Like You're Shopping At The Airport

The Clearport is a new retail concept that takes the aesthetics of airports and transforms them into a pleasant retail experience

AI june 20, 2016

Check In Your Bags With This Airport Robot

The Geneva Airport tests an automated companion that will help travelers avoid lines and drop off luggage

Travel may 19, 2016

JetBlue's Recent Outdoor Campaign Inspires Wanderlust

A billboard combines live traffic data and flights to alert onlookers of ETA

[Stat] Nearly 20% of airport revenue comes from retail, spurring investment in terminal shopping hubs
Work march 2, 2016

Will Airports of the Future Include Self-Driving Shuttles?

Soon, travelers will have personal self-driving buggies before takeoff

Gaming & Play february 9, 2015

World's Largest Passenger Terminal Would Take on Second-Busiest Airport Traffic

The plans propose a sustainable, expandable structure for supporting a record-breaking number of travelers

Home december 5, 2014

Looking for Smart Luggage? Trunkster is Your Zipperless, High Tech Carry-On

PSFK talks with Trunkster founder Jesse Potash about creating streamlined luggage

IoT october 7, 2014

How Technology is Making Sure You Never Get Lost Again

PSFK explores how digital infrastructures are providing hyper-local, individualized updates for travelers.

Luxury august 5, 2014

Azerbaijan's New Airport Terminal Features 'Organic' Spaces, Futuristic Design

Turkish architecture studio designs wooden cocoons, living trees in new airport terminal

Arts & Culture june 5, 2014

Helsinki Airport Offers Yoga Classes To Help Travelers Relax Pre-Flight

The TravelLab project tests out concepts to make departures and transfers in the airport much smoother and more interesting.

Advertising may 19, 2014

Samsung Turns Heathrow Terminal Into A Massive Galaxy S5 Ad

Signs and every possible screen in Terminal 5 are being used to promote this new smartphone.


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