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Travel may 19, 2016

Airports Introduce Mobile Order And Pay For Travelers In Transit

Pre-order a coffee from the tarmac and pick it up en route to the next gate

Technology february 22, 2016

PSFK Pulse: Airports, Augmented Reality and Touchpad Apparel

Kickstart your day with lonely Uber drivers and angry airport officials

Luxury august 25, 2015

Time Your Way Through the Purgatory That Is JFK Airport

BLIP Systems' beacons will provide up-to-date wait times for baggage check, ticket lines, and taxis

Travel january 12, 2015

LoungeBuddy Aims To Simplify The Airport Experience

Transparency of airline offerings, lounge options presented in realtime

Luxury october 15, 2014

Robots Will Park Your Car at the Düsseldorf Airport

Book your robotic valet experience at the German travel hub via an online parking portal

Technology september 18, 2014

Robotic Birds of Prey to Patrol the Skies

A Dutch organization wants to scare off avian pests using remote-controlled falcons and eagles

Op-Ed september 16, 2014

Piers Fawkes: Introducing the Future of Travel Report

PSFK launches a new study on trends invigorating the air travel experience

Work august 21, 2014

Travel Through LaGuardia Might Just Be a Little More Enjoyable

Opening of latest Centurion Lounge renews curb-to-curb benefits for AMEX Platinum Card members

Design & Architecture august 7, 2014

Finnair’s New Helsinki Airport Lounge Features Adaptive Designs

Vertti Kivi creates pre-flight space for road warriors, young travelers and tourists based on static structures

Arts & Culture may 16, 2014

Graphic Patterns Are Actually Naturally Occurring Airport Runway Designs

Lauren O'Neill's project depicts the beauty and complexity that air traffic controllers have to work with.

Work april 29, 2014

Weight-Detecting Suitcase Tells You Whether It's Too Heavy To Fly [Video]

Simple spring-loaded handle helps you to avoid excess baggage charges.

Advertising august 30, 2013

Redesigned Boarding Pass Eases Headaches For Travelers And Airlines [Pics]

Chronological information and improved branding are all part of this new concept.

Arts & Culture august 22, 2013

Japanese Airports' Baggage Carousels Offer Rotating Art [Pics]

Japanese airports are using their baggage carousels as art displays to showcase what the region is known for.

Technology july 23, 2013

Airbnb For Parking Lets People Rent Out Empty Driveways

A new service that offers users a way to make more money and find cheaper places to store their vehicles at the same time.


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