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Technology january 22, 2016

Microsoft Alarm Stimulates Minds with Machine-Learning Fun

App alarm helps wake up your mind so you feel motivated to get out of bed and seize the day

Work may 11, 2015

Smart Alarm Turn Offs Only When Separated from Your Phone

No more repeatedly hitting snooze: Hyperalarm links with your phone to force you to wake up, get up, and get moving

Cities december 1, 2014

Hush Earplugs Feature Built-In Alarm

In-ear device blocks out noise and offers private notifications, so the wearer is the only person to hear the alarm going off

Work november 24, 2014

Tweet Clock Lets You Wake Up to a Mechanical Bird Song

Wind-up alarm tempts you out of bed with sounds of nature

Innovation december 2, 2013

Anti-Snoozing Game Turns Waking Up Into A Competition

Unsnooze - The Game is an app that lets players compete with strangers in an effort to cut down on over-sleeping.

Mobile july 26, 2013

Step Counter Alarm Requires Snoozers To Walk Around To Turn It Off

The Walk Up! clock app uses a phone's accelerometer to make sure users wake up.

Technology january 25, 2013

Apple Patents Shoe That Tells Wearer When To Buy New Ones

The company describes an embedded sensor that tracks your activity and alerts users when their shoes are worn out.

Design & Architecture february 10, 2012

Watchmaker Pimps The iPhone To Create New Way Of Telling Time

Nooka, has developed customizable display features, local and world times, a stopwatch and an alarm.

Gaming & Play october 27, 2011

Users Complete Missions To Turn Off Alarm Clock

The Mission Alarm Clock puts a spin on traditional phone alarms to get late sleepers out of bed.

Mobile august 23, 2011

Apple’s iOS 5 For Japan To Come With Earthquake Alert Feature [Headlines]

Apple knows how to cater to its market. The iOS5 for Japan, one of the most earth-quake-prone countries in the world, is to come with an early earthquake warning feature.

IoT august 22, 2011

Fancy Car Alarm Systems With Remote Accessibility Give Way To Hackers [Headlines]

Hackers can send text messages to your car's anti-theft system, allowing them to unlock doors and start the engine.

Technology september 20, 2010

BoilBuoy: Device Makes Boiling Water Even Easier

A new device promises to help you multitask while water is heating in the kitchen.


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