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Europe november 4, 2016

Alarm Clock Adjusts Your Wake-Up Time Based On Weather And Traffic

The device is also capable of connecting with services such as Spotify and Nest to help people control their living environment

Automotive july 14, 2016

Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up Earlier If There Are Traffic Jams On Your Commute

An iOS app can calculate your wake-up time using traffic data to ensure you'll get to the office on time

Technology june 10, 2016

This Work Clock Rings For Women After 79% Of The Work Day

This clever clock was designed to highlight the pay wage gap between men and women

Mobile march 17, 2016

An Unstoppable Alarm Clock that Only Rests When You're Out of Bed

The only way to shut this alarm off is by getting up

Work may 27, 2015

Start Your Mornings with the Smell of Cold, Hard Cash

Sensor Wake is an olfactory alarm clock that rouses your from slumber with the smell of fresh bagels, cut grass, and mula

Work may 7, 2015

An Alarm Clock that Targets Just You and Lets Your Partner Sleep

The Wakē alarm clock reflects the realities of how people (and especially couples) sleep

Arts & Culture november 17, 2014

JBL Horizon Speaker Wakes You Up Gently

This small device is a twist on the alarm clock/clock radio, incorporating innovative technology to awaken users in a peaceful, pleasing way

Arts & Culture september 11, 2014

Alarm Clock App Makes Sure You Never Sleep in Again

SpinMe forces users to get out of bed and spin around twice before silencing their phones

Innovation july 30, 2014

Alarm Clock Doubles as Barista for Easy Morning Awakening

The Barisieur wakes up users with the smell of freshly brewed coffee

Cities june 10, 2014

Google's New Alarm Clock Wakes Commuters Up At Their Subway Stop

The Android app knows where the user is and approximates when they should get off.

Design & Architecture may 15, 2014

PSFK's Trending Topic: Useful Packaging That Doesn't Need To Be Thrown Out

Multi-functional designs help extend product life and save the environment at the same time.

Retail may 14, 2014

Nescafé Turns Its Instant Coffee Container Into An Alarm Clock

The Alarm Cap encourages people to wake up and immediately make a cup of coffee since it only turns off once the lid is unscrewed.

IoT may 8, 2014

AI Personal Assistant Reads The News As You Wake Up [Video]

This personalized alarm clock emulates the futuristic ideas presented in Spike Jone's film 'Her.'

Technology april 15, 2014

Alarm Clock Rouses You To The Sound Of Other People Waking Up Around The World

GPS coordinates translated into a collaborative musical experience.


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