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Alex Hern
Syndicated november 7, 2016

These 22¢ Glasses Will Help You Fool Facial Recognition Software

A team of researchers have found that eyewear printed with a wild pattern is enough to get around most commercial identification systems

Syndicated july 13, 2016

In The World Of Augmented Reality, Who Owns Your Digital Space?

The collision of real and virtual worlds will cause problems as AR gaming grows

Syndicated june 27, 2016

How The World's Best Go-Playing AI Still Relies On Human Intervention

Even at Google’s DeepMind, there’s still stuff that humans code best, it seems

Syndicated march 1, 2016

Damn Daniel, Deleted: Death of a Viral Video

Despite millions of views, the Damn Daniel video was deleted after hacker gained control of creator's Twitter

IoT february 8, 2016

The Alphabet Moonshot Ventures That Could Change the World

Google makes the money, but Alphabet’s looking to cure aging and build robot butlers

Luxury august 18, 2015

Stick a Fork in It: Chief Scientist Launches Bitcoin Branch Out

The bitcoin wars have begun, as Bitcoin XT squares off against the classic flavor of the cryptocurrency

Work april 2, 2015

Will Periscope Redefine What We Find Interesting?

Twitter’s new video app is brilliant technology in a lush package—what a shame our lives are all so boring, right?

Work march 25, 2015

Brands Like Pebble Return to Kickstarter Because it's Dumb Not To

The smartwatch developer is just one creator returning to the crowdfunding site long after they’ve been kickstarted

Arts & Culture june 11, 2014

Can Medium Reinvent Publishing?

How one platform is claiming its identity as a forum for sharing ideas with the public to change the way people think about content.


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