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This Algorithm Will Predict How Humans Greet Each Other

Facebook Aims To Personalize How We Connect In Times Of Crisis

AI Algorithm Creates Vegan Meat And Dairy Substitutes

  • 26 april 2016
  • Food

An Algorithm Designs the Optimal Bow

A Heatmap Algorithm for the Memorability of Your Photography

Algorithm Turns Your DNA Into Patterns for Scarves and Tartans

Microsoft’s AI Elevator Knows Where Its Riders Want To Go

Fake Artist Portfolio Generator Questions The Open Source Web [Video]

New Touchscreens Create Virtual Tactile Sensations That Feel Rough [Video]

New Algorithm Can Piece Together A User’s Life History On Twitter

Great Gatsby Text Transformed Into Famous Jazz Songs [Pics]

Socially Curated Discovery: How Algorithms Will Tell Us What We Like [Future Of Entertainment]

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