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[Insight] Is the human factor disappearing from advertising?
[Insight] Old regulations can’t keep up with evolving computer algorithms
Health september 2, 2016

Instagram Photos Could Help Diagnose Mental Illnesses

New research shows that the pictures people post to their social media accounts can indicate their mental and emotional states

Social Media september 2, 2016

Twitter Bot Generates A Fictional Universe Every Hour

A sci-fi-inspired algorithm creates detailed topographies based on principles of natural science

Automotive august 19, 2016

Route Optimization Algorithm Looks To Honey Bees For Inspiration

A startup is using advanced biomimicry to find optimal delivery routes and shrink logistics costs

Technology june 27, 2016

This Algorithm Will Predict How Humans Greet Each Other

An MIT project is learning to predict how humans will interact upon first meeting based on patterns from over 600 hours of TV footage

Social Media june 27, 2016

Facebook Aims To Personalize How We Connect In Times Of Crisis

An invite tool to 'Safety Check' feature will rely on people power rather than just algorithms

Food april 26, 2016

AI Algorithm Creates Vegan Meat And Dairy Substitutes

The Not Company replicates the taste and feel of animal products

Design march 14, 2016

An Algorithm Designs the Optimal Bow

Collaboration between artist and machine creates beautiful, functional archery

Advertising january 14, 2016

A Heatmap Algorithm for the Memorability of Your Photography

An algorithm will help you perfect the creation of memorable photos, whether it's for a logo, selfie or PSFK Conference photo

Culture december 28, 2015

Algorithm Turns Your DNA Into Patterns for Scarves and Tartans

Wrap yourself in a carefully designed, tactile version of your DNA

Technology january 21, 2014

Microsoft’s AI Elevator Knows Where Its Riders Want To Go

A learning algorithm can pick up on your personal habits and use it to predict your next move.

Culture january 6, 2014

Fake Artist Portfolio Generator Questions The Open Source Web [Video]

“Pro-Folio” is a portfolio website built from fictional identities of artists, created by an algorithm using the open source web.

Innovation october 9, 2013

New Touchscreens Create Virtual Tactile Sensations That Feel Rough [Video]

Using electrovibrator display technology, Disney replicates real-life textures onscreen.


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