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Alison Flood
Syndicated october 17, 2016

Why An Acclaimed Comic Artist Is Declaring War On The 'Graphic Novel'

The Walking Dead artist says the now familiar label marks off the term as restricted to children, when it should be for everyone

Syndicated september 26, 2016

Banned Books Week Urges People To Seek Out Controversial Works

Joining the annual celebration of the right to read, US author Jessica Herthel called for 'more information, more voices' to protect diversity

IoT january 30, 2014

MIT Develops A Book That Lets You Feel The Protagonist's Pain

Researchers have developed a story that uses temperature and lighting to mimic the experiences of the hero.

Technology may 23, 2013

Amazon To Sell Fan Fiction Ebooks

Original authors and their amateur adapters can now put their spin-offs on sale.

Home may 14, 2013

Amazon Launches Its Own Virtual Currency

Web giant introduces new way to pay for apps and games.

Work november 27, 2012

Former Oxford Dictionary Editor Secretly Deleted Thousand Of Words

Efforts to rewrite the dictionary in the 70s and 80s to omit entries with foreign origins described as 'really shocking' by Sarah Ogilvie in a new tell-all book.

Retail october 16, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Prompts Flood Of Erotica At Frankfurt Book Fair

Publishers say they are swamped with erotic fiction, while one firm hopes for antidote with Fifty Shades of Feminism.

Retail september 21, 2012

Young Adult Novel With A Gay Hero Acquired By Major Publisher

Viking Penguin signs the unchanged version of novel with a gay protagonist after a literary agent advised authors to 'straightwash' him.

Work september 18, 2012

Author Writes Novel 'Live' In A Google Doc

Fantasy author Silvia Hartmann is offering readers the chance to watch her novel taking shape, word by word, on the collaborative platform.

Design & Architecture may 10, 2012

3 Million Virtual Students Enroll At Hogwarts Through Pottermore

In just two weeks, the new interactive site has attracted more than 1 billion page impressions from 7 million unique visitors; almost 1/2 of the visitors have 'enrolled' as pupils.

Advertising april 6, 2012

Previously Unpublished Kurt Vonnegut Novella Tops eBook Charts

The 20,000-word Basic Training was written in the 1940s, while Vonnegut still worked for General Electric.

Work august 17, 2011

Amazon Gets Cooking With First Major Publishing Deal [Headlines]

Amazon makes its first big move into publishing by acquiring Timothy Ferriss' new book, 'The 4-Hour Chef.'


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