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Advertising march 30, 2016

Pepsi Creates Dumbbell-Shaped Bottle to Encourage Healthy Living

The soda company attempts to inject itself into your workout routine

Home may 15, 2013

Brewery Lets Party-Goers Pay For The Subway With Empty Beer Cans [Video]

Instead of buying tickets, tipsy travelers could ride home by scanning empty Antarctica containers at the turnstile.

Technology june 8, 2012

Become A Rock Star Just By Using A Urinal

Billboard Music Brazil lets men create their own 'mPEE3s' when they relieve themselves.

Arts & Culture may 28, 2012

Animated Film Made From 873 Getty Images [Video]

'From Love to Bingo' tells a story through photographs taken from their archives.

Technology may 21, 2012

VW Online Ad Uses Webcams To Start Their Cars

A clever banner campaign lets users engage and rev up the engine of a vehicle with their computers.

Advertising may 21, 2012

Volkswagen's Interactive Website Lets Users Navigate It With Their Eyes [Video]

Webcam tracks your eye movements to control on-screen content.


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