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Technology march 23, 2016

Artificially Intelligent Bears Could Help Kids with Autism

Researchers hopes to help children communicate with the help of robots

Work march 22, 2016

Smog-Eating Surfaces Poised to Expand Beyond Architecture

Urban thinkers are conceiving of pollutant-absorbing roads and textiles

US Allows Airbnb Listings of Cuba Homes (Guardian)
Home march 18, 2016

Home Sweet (Prefabricated and Elliptical) Home

Pre-crafted house combines airplane manufacturing and a distinct form to fit anywhere

Sustainability march 14, 2016

Peru’s GoPro-Carrying Vultures Seek Out Illegal Garbage Dumps

In Lima, a new campaign is employing birds to solve the city's trash problem

Mobile march 14, 2016

Inside the Design of the Obi Worldphone MV1

Smartphone geared toward young professionals refuses to compromise on design or quality

Retail march 14, 2016

Activists Hack Products to Warn of Hefty Dangers

Stick it to harmful products with these DIY warning labels

Syndicated march 14, 2016

Inside the Story of How Cycling Changed New York

How New York City transformed itself with 400 miles of cycling routes

IoT march 10, 2016

Cole Haan Spring Campaign Pairs Architectural Beauty with Ballet

WTC Oculus and NYC Ballet bring this apparel collection to life

Design & Architecture march 8, 2016

This Shop is Designed to Look Like a Box of Wine

For a truly immersive drinking experience, this team created a locale that mimics a wine box

Technology february 26, 2016

Light-Up Masks Match People Based on Facebook Profiles

Carnival attendees waded through crowds in search of a match made in social media heaven

Work february 26, 2016

Spreading Democracy At the Push of a Button

Unlocking data that can help people monitor what their governments are really up to

Advertising february 24, 2016

Taxi Service Offers Discounts for Passengers with Dogs

Bring your pooch along for the ride

Sustainability february 19, 2016

The Rise of Blind-Spot Shopping

Livia Firth’s new collection suggests smartest shoppers buy where others pass


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