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Parka Hides And Charges Portable Devices

Bolt is a jacket that lets people carry and charge their various electronics without the need for an outlet

Design & Architecture november 3, 2016

Amsterdam Hotel Enlists 9 Designers To Create 9 Unique Rooms

The Volkshotel is looking to bring innovation to the hospitality industry through novel interior design

Sustainability august 4, 2016

Can A Flower Help Lessen Pollution In Amsterdam?

Researchers are experimenting with the CO2-sucking effects of a special Honeysuckle plant

Education august 3, 2016

Campaign Challenges Students Not To Litter On Campus

An Amsterdam agency installed a number of trash cans that made it more difficult to throw things away

Retail july 22, 2016

Restaurant 3D Prints Everything, From The Furniture To The Food

Food-tech company Food Ink uses printers to revolutionize fine dining from the kitchen to the dining room

Automotive july 19, 2016

Mercedes-Benz Shows Their Vision For The Future Of Automated Public Transport

CityPilot technology can recognize traffic lights, obstacles or pedestrians on the road and brake autonomously

Sustainability july 14, 2016

Dutch Brewer Launches Rainwater Beer

An Amsterdam brewer is taking the abundance of rain water and creating a brand new type of beverage

Technology june 10, 2016

Recycling Project Improves The Lives Of Workers In Developing Countries

Startup's founders hope to build a socially responsible 3D-printing enterprise

Design & Architecture june 8, 2016

Enjoy Free Wi-Fi While Improving The Environment

Small monitoring stations open up internet access as air pollution becomes clearer

Fitness & Sport june 7, 2016

Uber Amsterdam Picks Up Bicyclists In A Rut

UberBike lets riders order a rack-equipped car for their rides home

Luxury january 1, 2016

Smart Cities are Beginning to Adopt Electric Scooters as the Future of Transport

As cities expand and demand for electric scooters and vehicles grows, Gogoro is trying to bring a new urban energy infrastructure to market

Mobile december 3, 2015

Hotel Knows Wi-Fi, Apps, and Community Are Dear to Your Heart

Through a T-mobile partnership, CityHub offers guests free Internet usage across Amsterdam through the use of their own mobile router—one of many tech-first amenities

Home september 17, 2015

Pop-Up Restaurant With Beach Views and No Kitchen

A disused space on the IJburg island of Amsterdam turns beach-side pop-up restaurant to highlight the capacity of the sharing economy

Work february 3, 2015

This Book Cover is the One That Does the Judging

If you happen to judge by looks, open wide for a taste of your own medicine from high-tech book cover by Moore Amsterdam


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