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[Insight] How video analysis has improved paralympic sports
[Insight] Sport history shifts from tales of legends to statistics
Retail september 2, 2016

How Data Analytics Is Making Wedding Planning A Breeze

The Knot wants to introduce a new set of technologies that help couples make more informed decisions on their big day

Food february 10, 2016

Better Brews Come Delivered By Data Analytics

Cognitive and social context was the launchpad for these algorithmically alcoholic beverages

[News] Facebook shuts down analytics tool that let publishers monitor reach of shared content
Work february 5, 2014

Walgreens Utilizes Patients’ Data To Predict Diagnoses

The pharmacy company will be supplying its clinics with an analytical system to aide in the treatment of patients.

Mobile february 24, 2013

Paul Colombo: How To Stop Your Social Media Getting Hacked

Director of Technology at Deep Focus agency offers helpful insights into how companies can avoid unwelcome and malicious vistors.

Intelligent Content: Soon your media will know you better than you know yourself
Advertising february 13, 2013

How Retailers Tracking Customers Without Their Knowledge

Discreet technology allows stores to monitor foot traffic by tapping into customers mobile phone signal.

Design january 17, 2013

IBM Predicts Steampunk Will Be The Major Fashion Trend Of 2013

The tech company has attempted to use only social media and online chatter as a way to predict cultural fluctuations -- but is their method sound?

Advertising january 3, 2013

5 Fashion Tech Companies That Are Making Waves

PSFK reports from the Future of Fashion event about New-York-based startups who are redefining how we think of retail.

Advertising december 20, 2012

Google Demonstrates Ecommerce Problems In Real-Life Parody Videos

Commercials show how frustrating a complicated checkout process can be for shoppers.

Culture november 19, 2012

Smart Textbooks Tell Teachers If Students Have Done Their Homework

CourseSmart allows professors to monitor reading patterns.

Cities june 13, 2012

When Does The World Sleep?

Twitter engineers have analyzed data from Tokyo, New York, Istanbul and Sao Paulo to see seasonal patterns in tweet volume, which translates to sleeping behavior.


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