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Advertising february 23, 2012

Get Fashion Advice From Your Own Closet

Stylitics invites users to upload their wardrobe into a virtual closet to plan outfits and view their clothing history.

Advertising august 30, 2011

The Future Of Media And Technology [Video]

A panel discussion at the 2011 PSFK Conference in NYC on the future of media, technology and the social network.

Advertising october 27, 2010

10 Strategic Technologies For 2011

Gartner Research offers key technologies organizations should plan to address in 2011, to ensure organizational readiness, competitive health and customer/market relevance.

Advertising july 15, 2010

Quantcast’s Media Broker Revolution

The company is leveraging its behind-the-scenes dominance in web traffic analytics to fundamentally change how advertising is sold.

Home july 14, 2010

Video Analytics Turns Cameras Into Smart Motion Detectors

A rule-based system claims to help users identify possible crimes before they are committed

Retail april 23, 2010

Future of Retail: Foursquare Tools For Local Businesses

With the launch of Foursquare's business dashboard, retailers now have a simple interface for defining check-in promotions.

Design march 19, 2010

App-alytics Anonymous

Jason Fields of iPhone app review blog, explores the best analytics applications.

Advertising january 19, 2010

WatchMouse: Tracking The Health Of Web Services

WatchMouse monitors the uptime and performance of popular web APIs.

Advertising december 2, 2009

What Was On American Minds In 2009 – According To Google Queries

What was on American minds and psyches in 2009? Google has released a report listing (and analyzing) the 10 most popular search terms in 2009, tracked by quarter.


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