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Travel Today

Google Wants To Help You Plan Your Next Trip

A new app curates vacation itineraries and organizes reservation emails to take the work out of planning a getaway

Design september 9, 2016

Augmented Paper Turns Pen And Ink Into Digital Images

Montblanc has created a special system that transforms handwritten notes and doodles into easily shareable files

[Inspiration] Japan is the earliest adopter of robotic employees
Mobile september 6, 2016

Google Is Leveraging The Power Of The Crowd To Improve Translations

Online volunteers have the opportunity to refine the company's rendition and mapping services through related microtasks

Food august 17, 2016

Service Helps Restaurants Get Rid Of Unwanted Food And Reduce Waste

Too Good To Go is an ordering app that sells menu items at heavily discounted prices during off-peak hours

Design june 14, 2016

Custom Case Lets You Run Android On An iPhone

A mobile design studio gives iPhone users the ability to change operating systems

Design june 6, 2016

Transform Any Everyday Object Into A Virtual Musical Instrument

The AR Music Kit lets you create a DIY experience with just paper and your phone's camera

[Inspiration] Teaching robots to flirt could help them understand social cues
[News] Google brings mobile payments to Chrome, ATMS and banks
Health may 23, 2016

Playing This Videogame Helps Scientists Understand How Our Brains Age

Sea Hero Quest gathers data from players to offer scientist important research information

Technology may 17, 2016

Turn Any Surface Into An Interactive Remote Control

Gadget taps into IoT to transform solid surfaces, like walls or tables, into interfaces

[News] Google to release Ara modular smartphone to consumers in 2017
[News] Nokia reenters consumer phone market with Android operating system
Syndicated april 7, 2016

Apple At 40: Privacy, Software, New Device Frontiers Are Key Challenges

Pioneering firm is hoping to avoid a midlife crisis, while staying relevant


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