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Work january 25, 2016

Connect to Your Printer of Choice by Snapping Its Photo

An app connects devices to your printer through its camera

Design & Architecture march 3, 2015

Surface-Hugging Camera Moves in for the Selfie Stick Kill

Podo is the world’s first 'stick and shoot,' app-controlled camera

Cities february 17, 2015

Compare Local Forecasts Against Weather Station Reports

Climendo App puts 10,000 weather observation stations at the palm of your hand

Retail february 9, 2015

24/7 Launderette Boasts Text-Message Ordering and App Notifications

Bubble&Stitch offers the ultimate in laundry convenience for busy tech-enamored professionals

Innovation february 27, 2014

App Automatically Sends Love Notes To Girlfriends

Android app gives boyfriends a breather and some personal time.

Technology february 3, 2014

NSA-Sensitive App Alerts People When Their Phones Are Being Tracked

Researchers have developed a new app that notifies people whenever an Android app is tracking their location.

Mobile january 28, 2014

Tracker Measures Smartphone Use To Curb Digital Addictions

Menthal lets Android users measure the size of their digital diet.

Arts & Culture october 9, 2013

Electrically Charged Ink Plays Songs Like Musical Instruments [Pics]

The music kit that allows kids to draw their own musical instruments and compose their own symphonies.

Mobile august 13, 2013

Game Challenges Players To Throw Phones Into The Air

S.M.T.H (Send Me To Heaven) is an Android app that measures what height the phone reaches and uploads the score to a leaderboard.

Work august 8, 2013

Driving App Brings Competition To Road Trips

Volkswagen’s 'SmileDrive' tracks factors like weather, location, distance and time to deliver a score and award stickers.

Innovation july 18, 2013

Barbecue Sensor Notifies Griller When Food Is Ready

The BBiQ keeps an eye on the food so the cook can go and hang out with guests.

Work april 19, 2013

Android App Can Hack Into An Airplane's Systems

PlaneSploit was developed by security consultant Hugo Teso to show the flaws in the current technology.

Mobile march 22, 2013

Google's Notetaking App Challenges Evernote

Google Keep allows you to take notes with your voice, add photos, or type lists, and saves them across your devices.

Cities february 27, 2013

Bus Stop Surprises Waiting Commuters With Sudden Rain Showers [Video]

Weather Channel promotes its new app by shocking people waiting for the bus.


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