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Technology november 29, 2016

Wearables Keep Track Of Your Pet's Health

A Kickstarter campaign wants to help pet owners understand fundamental details they could easily miss about their cats and dogs

Mobile september 1, 2016

Crowdsourced Platform Helps Fight Against The Illegal Wildlife Trade

The Wildlife Witness app lets community members report threats to animals to a monitoring network

Advertising august 25, 2016

Interactive Art Exhibition For Dogs Provides Endless Fun

Installations created by artist Dominic Wilcox are based on activities loved by canines, such as fetching tennis balls and splashing in water

Health august 18, 2016

Casper's Newest Mattress Is Designed For Dogs

The sleep-focused startup has introduced a new product line for tired pups

Entertainment july 29, 2016

This Designer Figured Out How To Become A Goat

A creative set out on a journey across the Alps as an animal, complete with false prosthetics and a goatherd

Arts & Culture july 28, 2016

This Grand Budapest Style Hotel Is Designed Just For Bees

A miniature boutique lodging is meant to raise awareness for the honey-producing creatures

Technology july 22, 2016

Virtually Care For Your Pets Even When You Are Away

Never leave your animals unattended at home with this camera and app combo that dispenses treats and play toys

Sustainability may 24, 2016

Typographic Installation Raises Awareness About Endangered Species

Visitors to this installation could learn more about endangered species in a creative way

Advertising may 18, 2016

3D-Printed Animals Demonstrate Stark Truth Of Endangered Wildlife

Images for International Fund for Animal Welfare highlight fragility of endangered species

Advertising may 13, 2016

This 3D-Printed Collar Helps You Communicate With Animals

We may be missing out on what our pets are trying to tell us—until now

Syndicated october 5, 2015

Glow-In-Dark Livestock: A Measure to Cut Road Deaths

Initiative inspired by reflective reindeer antlers in Scandinavia is aimed at making animals more visible to drivers at night

Syndicated april 22, 2015

Space Geckos Demonstrate Reptiles are Capable of Fun

In the Russian Space Gecko experiment, a loosely fastened collar turned into a toy as geckos would bat it around the ship until bored

Design & Architecture october 17, 2014

Metal Animal Sculptures Allow You to Create Your Own Creature, Help Charity

DIY, magnetized sheet metal designs help real-life animals

Innovation october 14, 2014

Robotic Mouse Gives Indoor Cats a Workout

A start-up has unveiled a working prototype to give fat, lazy, and otherwise bored cats a bit of hunting action


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