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Technology july 2, 2013

DIY Reaction GIFs Made With A Webcam

Web developer Horia Dragomir has created a new app called 'Face to GIF' that enables users to create looped videos using their webcam.

Design & Architecture june 24, 2013

Classical Greek Statues Revamped As GIFs

Digital artist Zach Dougherty takes a series of sculptures and transforms them into animated versions.

Cities march 27, 2013

GIF Guide Helps Newcomers Navigate NYC Culture

'NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette' is a series of animated images by Nathan Pyle that gives some useful advice.

Advertising march 1, 2013

Movie Promo Made Entirely From GIFs [Video]

Fox Searchlight has created an all-GIF trailer for the film Stoker.

Technology february 22, 2013

iPad GIF Photobooth Can Be Set Up Anywhere

Phhhoto takes pictures at parties and uploads them to a web feed where they can be viewed from any device using a tablet and a light ring.

Arts & Culture august 24, 2012

Bicycle Wheel Turns Graph Paper Drawings Into Animated GIFs

Artist Alma Alloro spends hours creating meticulous analog drawings only to convert them into seconds-long GIFs.

Mobile august 7, 2012

adidas Captures Lollapalooza Action With Animated GIF Photo Booth

The sports brand used Digital Kitchen’s Protobooth at the music festival to connect remote viewers and on-scene participants.

Work july 12, 2012

Hypnotic Experimental GIFs All Have One Thing In Common

A Tumblr of minimalist animated GIFs draws viewers in with the repetitive clockwise and counterclockwise movements of its animations.

Arts & Culture april 3, 2012

Pinterest For GIFs Lets You Create Collaborative Images Online

A new social network lets users express themselves using only animated images.

Advertising july 7, 2011

Beer Brewery Debuts New Ale With Cinematic Animated Gifs

To announce the release of Tweason'ale, a gluten-free brew, Dogfish Head partnered with Cinemagraph artists Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.

Technology november 26, 2010

Animated Gifs: The Politics Of File Formats In Social Media And SEO

Paddy Johnson questions the resurgence of animated gifs.


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