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Technology september 19, 2016

Meet A 3D Computer-Generated Japanese Schoolgirl

Sara's 'parents' post a new photo which offers a refined look at their digital 'daughter'

Design & Architecture august 22, 2016

Animated Illustrations Depict Vibrant Soda Can Designs

The designer behind these vessels says each unique image represents the same beverage being shaped by 'different frequencies'

Children july 6, 2016

Meet The Pet Robot You'll Actually Care About

Anki's newest robot companion has expressive emotions and an unpredictability that makes it more pet than toy

Education july 5, 2016

Interactive Storytelling Lets Kids Personalize Their Reading Adventure

A startup is developing a new technology that lets kids choose their own adventure as they learn how to read

Arts & Culture january 29, 2016

The Cosmos Come Alive When Stephen Hawking Speaks

An animated look at the celestial goings-on inside Hawking's mind

Arts & Culture december 16, 2015

Paint Surreal Apparitions Using Only the Power of Words

What creative possibilities could be opened up by thinking verbally—and then feeding that thinking to an AI system?

Technology september 15, 2015

The Little Mermaid in Virtual Reality Blows 2D Animation Out of the Water

Disney veteran animator Glen Keane steps into the world of virtual reality animation and says freedom is the main takeaway

Work july 27, 2015

Bring Your Animations to Life with Digital Puppetry

All it takes is a Leap Motion and your hands to make the next The Powerpuff Girls

Cities january 20, 2015

Nike Sends 100k Customers Personalized Training Videos

Sports company uses a year of personal data to provide 2015 motivational clips

Innovation january 13, 2015

EDM Re-imagined In 3D Visuals - And White Chocolate

Greg Barth creates a glitchy representation of an electronic beat by warping the instruments making it

Work september 8, 2014

GIF-Making Photobooth Equipped with Animated Overlay Option

The Bosco blends technology and dazzling visuals to photograph hip and glamorous parties

Design & Architecture july 22, 2014

The Simpsons Characters As Wine Bottles

The classic, beloved show inspires minimalist design for wine

Cities july 18, 2014

Russian Animator Visualizes Futurama In 3D Short Film

Planet Express ship takes on a battle-hardened look in revamped opening sequence

Arts & Culture july 8, 2014

Animation Made Only With Wire And Old Computer Parts

The short film Los Rosales won best animation short award at the Palm Springs International ShortFest.


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