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Cities may 30, 2014

Animation Method From The 1920s Creates Vintage Augmented Reality [Video]

This kooky animation project turns the idea of AR on its head.

Technology april 7, 2014

A Rare Look At How Pixar Creates Its Incredible Animations [Video]

Proprietary software gives animators real-time control over every detail.

Work april 3, 2014

Stop Motion Adventure Told Entirely With Rubber Bands And Thumbtacks [Video]

"A Girl Named Elastika" makes clever use of common office supplies.

Gaming & Play april 3, 2014

Magnetic Bricks Create Touchscreen Animations You Can Play With [Video]

A new interaction system for touchscreen devices goes beyond gestures.

Arts & Culture march 25, 2014

3D Rendering Of Classic Painting Brings 17th Century Drama To Life [Video]

One 3D artist found his muse in an epic depiction of war.

Innovation february 7, 2014

Crowdsourced Film Turns Visitors’ Drawings Into A Museum Piece [Video]

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam allows visitors to add their own frame to an ever-growing animation to make a unique work of art.

Arts & Culture january 28, 2014

Stop-Motion Short Follows The Lifecycle Of A Water Droplet [Video]

Featuring a custom pop-up book, an animated video shows the journey water makes from sink to rain cloud.

Technology january 9, 2014

Tablet Automatically Transfers Drawings From Paper To Screen [Video]

Qualcomm unveils device that lets notes and animations created with real ink simultaneously appear in a digital form.

Gaming & Play january 7, 2014

Real-Time Program Lets People Morph Into Any Virtual 3D Character [Video]

New software has the potential to take us a step closer to the future of gaming.

Technology december 11, 2013

Short Film Shot Entirely With Google Glass [Video]

An animated stop-motion film harnesses the power of Glass’ first-person perspective for a unique viewing experience.

Home october 29, 2013

Exhibit Gives Visitors 3D GIFs Of Themselves As Souvenirs [Pics]

The popular image format is now being used by brands for personalized mementos.

Work october 15, 2013

Dancer Molds Light Like It Was A Ball Of Dough [Video]

“Nuance” is a short film featuring a dancer that moves an animated ball of light in sync with a song that accompanies his movements.

Travel october 1, 2013

Time-Lapse Visualization Reveals The Ebb And Flow Of NYC Travel [Video]

Foursquare maps everyday movement in a city of 8 million people with a short animation.

Work september 17, 2013

Animated Comic Books Offer A New Role For The GIF [Pics]

French animator brings his twisted tales to life with the help of animation.


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