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Stop Motion Adventure Told Entirely With Rubber Bands And Thumbtacks [Video]

Magnetic Bricks Create Touchscreen Animations You Can Play With [Video]

3D Rendering Of Classic Painting Brings 17th Century Drama To Life [Video]

Crowdsourced Film Turns Visitors’ Drawings Into A Museum Piece [Video]

Stop-Motion Short Follows The Lifecycle Of A Water Droplet [Video]

Tablet Automatically Transfers Drawings From Paper To Screen [Video]

Real-Time Program Lets People Morph Into Any Virtual 3D Character [Video]

Short Film Shot Entirely With Google Glass [Video]

Exhibit Gives Visitors 3D GIFs Of Themselves As Souvenirs [Pics]

Dancer Molds Light Like It Was A Ball Of Dough [Video]

Time-Lapse Visualization Reveals The Ebb And Flow Of NYC Travel [Video]

Animated Comic Books Offer A New Role For The GIF [Pics]

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