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[Insight] Changing economic trends push millennials away from cities
Design & Architecture april 15, 2016

Transformable Home Perfects The Art Of Living In A Tiny Space

Full-sized kitchen, bathtub, guest room and cinema in 29-square meters

Work february 3, 2015

RadPad On Paying Rent With Credit Cards, The Future Of Mobile Payment

App allows renters to make payments to even the most anti-tech landlords

Luxury october 3, 2014

Artist Crafts Transparent NYC Apartment

Do Ho Suh's transparent apartment on exhibition at Contemporary Austin

Home june 17, 2013

London Olympic Village Repurposed As Low-Income Housing [Pics]

Project developers put the 17,000 capacity of this building to good use.

Design & Architecture april 8, 2013

Laminated Timber Apartment Building Opens Up Construction Possibilities

Victoria Harbour in Melbourne is now the home of 'Forte', which was built using the revolutionary new material.

Work march 5, 2013

Tokyo’s Coffin Apartments Have People Sleeping In Drawers [Pics]

These windowless ‘geki-sema share houses’ in Japan have room for little apart from a bed.

Cities january 23, 2013

Winning Design Of NYC Micro-Apartments Unveiled

'My Micro NY’ units feature two separate zones, a ‘toolbox’ with a kitchen, bathroom and storage space, and a ‘canvas’ with a flexible living and sleeping area.

Luxury july 13, 2012

Soho House Debuts Luxury Apartments In Berlin [Pics]

The hotelier is now offering branded apartments for temporary stays in the city, with a choice between room service or a fully stocked kitchen.

Home june 8, 2012

Japanese Apartment Complex Designed Just For Bikers

A rental apartment complex in Japan has been built specifically for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Cities january 31, 2012

Speed Date Your Way To A New Roommate

New service takes a page from the speed dating format to pair up New Yorkers looking for flat mates.

Design & Architecture may 9, 2011

Precision Living: Whole-Systems Design For A Seattle Micro-Apartment

Steve Sauer's 182-square-foot apartment boasts quality over quantity.

Work april 15, 2011

Cubed Living In A Tiny Apartment [Pics]

Architectural design studio MihaDesign renovates a dwelling in a creative use of limited space.

Innovation november 4, 2010

NYC Residents Using A Hands-On Approach To Manage Their Buildings

Apartment owners are taking on the traditional duties of a super or managing firm.


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