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Technology september 14, 2016

This Phone Adaptor Offers DIY Screening For Chlamydia

Get tested and receive results in under 15 minutes

Design & Architecture august 28, 2014

College Application Process More Appealing to Gen Z via Plucked

A web application where students and colleges can discover each other and connect

Innovation july 14, 2014

Metamaterial Makes It Possible to Hide Hidden Objects from Touch

New applications for mattresses, cushions and smugglers could be in the offing thanks to research from a German research institution.

Arts & Culture january 31, 2014

Platform Lets People Countdown The Moments Until Important Life Events

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders created the Milestone app, which offers visually-engaging personal timeline system.

Innovation october 8, 2013

Vending Machines Recognize Customers And Offer Personalized Purchases [Video]

New software connects with an app on customers smartphones to track buying behavior.

Retail august 7, 2013

Sound Waves Converted Into Screen-Printed Designs [Video]

Experimental record company and team of designers collaborate to produce fashion merchandise.

IoT july 18, 2013

Soccer Fans Cheer For Their Team At Home With Real-Time App [Video]

Tunisian football club receives support from virtual attendees to boost players' spirits.

Cities may 29, 2013

Google Glass Wearers Control Thermostat With Voice Commands

Developer creates app that allows users to control tell their Nest device when they are coming home or going out of town.

Technology may 28, 2013

Ordinary Photos Transformed Into A Time-Lapse Music Video [Video]

Eternal Light seamlessly organizes large quantities of images into a short film.

Arts & Culture may 17, 2013

A Social Network For Parking Spots

ParkTag users can share with friends to help alleviate the hunt for the perfect space.

Mobile may 17, 2013

Audi Lets Shoppers Take Cars For A Spin With Augmented Reality

German car company lets busy buyers see under the hood of their cars and test the handling from their phones.

Technology may 6, 2013

All-In-One Messaging App Can Clone Users Voice

Talkz allows people to communicate by whatever means seems right at the moment, including doodling, voice messaging and celebrity voice messages.

Arts & Culture april 24, 2013

App Lets Users Write & Send Physical Letters From Phones [Video]

Lettrs allows users to send actual mail to friends and family.

Technology march 18, 2013

Service Lets Diners Walk Out Of A Restaurant Without Paying

Cover App lets diners pay for meals without taking out their wallet.


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