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Technology september 12, 2016

Take Design Concepts Off The Page With This Unique Pen

The 3D printing tool can create wood and copper products that can be polished or sanded for versatile finishes

Technology september 8, 2016

Digital Stencil Provides Customizable Easel For Architects

A new app allows designers to bring real life inspiration to their blueprints

Design & Architecture june 7, 2016

This Design Brings A Modern Twist To Windows In Tehran

Architects created dynamic facade that uses light and color to create an eye-catching look

Design & Architecture april 28, 2016

How Designers Are Rethinking The Public Restroom

Sleek modern architecture comes to a rural Japanese town in a surprising form

[Inspiration] Architects Foster + Partners share their design thinking behind Apple’s newest stores
[Inspiration] How robotic architects and construction workers may jumpstart a fourth industrial revolution
Design & Architecture march 30, 2016

Skyscraper Concept Grows and Transforms As It Ages

This adaptable building turns aging into a chance to cater to an aging population

Innovation february 19, 2016

A Recyclable House Could Help Us Contend with Crisis Housing

Temporary structures that are easy to assemble could help resolve Europe's space woes

Gaming & Play january 15, 2014

Giant Pinboard Facade Lets Fans Become The Face Of The Olympics [Pics]

Architect Asif Khan’s 'MegaFaces' structure will display the faces of visitors to the Sochi Winter Olympics as large 3D portraits.

Work october 11, 2013

World-Renowned Architects Design Doll Houses For The Disabled [Pics]

Cathedral Group enlisted famous architects and designers like Zaha Hadid to build the structures for the charity KIDS.

Cities august 21, 2013

Narrow Lofts Proposed To Fill Gaps Between Existing Buildings [Pics]

'Live Between Buildings' proposes a new way to solve housing shortages by placing 5 foot-wide homes in the spaces between buildings.

Design & Architecture june 21, 2013

MoMA Scavenger Hunt Features New York's Architectural Gems

Learn about New York's iconic architectural sites one clue at a time.

Home may 7, 2013

Sleek Emergency Shelters Fit Inside Shipping Containers

Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects have created a series of temporary homes that are low cost and high quality.

Innovation may 5, 2013

Creative Gym Service Supports Next-Gen Startups [PSFK SEATTLE]

Makerhaus fosters a community of creatives by providing access to the latest tools and prototyping equipment in Seattle


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