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Work january 22, 2016

Wearable Dwellings: Introducing a Coat for Refugees That Turns into a Tent

Royal College of Art students have designed a multipurpose garment that's large enough to house an adult and a child

Mobile september 22, 2015

A 90-Second Ride Into the Future of Virtual Reality

The man who put the 3D visual magic into Harry Potter has set his sights on the future of everything—from ‘experiential branding’ to training surgeons

Innovation july 17, 2014

Airbus’s New Folding Seats Provide a Look Into the Future of Budget Airline Flights

Airbus files for a patent for a new design that allows for more passengers on commercial flights.

Work june 28, 2013

Camera Records Favorite Smells

The Madeleine is a device that captures the scent of your memories in tune with the trend of moment-capturing on Instagram and other social media.

Mobile june 7, 2013

Dutch Architects Use Waste Management To Improve Urban Life

The Architecture Foundation's latest exhibition shows how to compost coffee grounds and make a playground out of old wind turbines.

Cities march 20, 2013

Who Is Toyo Ito?

The 71-year-old architect has finally won the Pritzker prize for an experimental body of work that refuses classification.

Home march 15, 2013

Electronic Tattoo Monitors Patient Symptoms Remotely

Scientists have developed a flexible circuit board that can be printed directly on to skin to transmit data back to a doctor.

Technology march 4, 2013

iPad App Teaches Surgeons As They Work

Mobile surgical simulator lets medics in the operating room swipe and learn as they perform procedures.

Work january 23, 2013

Will Clothing Soon Be Grown By Plants?

From living shoes to a strawberry plant that grows lace, more and more research is being done into how to organically produce wearable items.

Innovation january 23, 2013

Can 3D-Printed Houses Measure Up To Traditional Architecture?

Janjaap Ruijssenaars' design can be printed from sand 'just by pressing enter'. But is this high-speed construction a step in the right direction?

Cities december 6, 2012

Looking Back At The Work Of Oscar Niemeyer [Pics]

The Brazilian architect, who passed away today at age104, led a vibrant life and leaves behind many monuments that attest to his talent.

Travel december 6, 2012

Louvre Opens New Addition In Tiny French Mining Town

Sanaa's shimmering apparition of a building provides a radical new space for the display of six millennia of art.

Luxury november 15, 2012

Will New Law Banning Fakes Damage The Design World?

A new copyright bill will signal the demise of classic furniture knock-offs but what effects will it have in the world of publishing and fashion?


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