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Retail october 6, 2014

Take a Guided Tour Through Samsung Talking Fridge

The brand's latest product was equipped with Arduino sensors to detect customers and speak to them

Arts & Culture september 23, 2014

Arduino-Powered Turntables Transform Makers into DJs

Companies are using Arduino boards and sensors to target makers and consumers to create mainstream devices

Design & Architecture september 18, 2014

Aquarium Incorporating Arduino Lets Fish Roam Land Freely

Industrial designer trains Siamese fighting fish to interact with humans and animals

Work august 26, 2014

How One Entrepreneur Is Bringing Fringe Maker Knowledge Mainstream

Ayah Bdeir and littleBits are introducing future creators to the interactive building blocks they'll need to go from concept to programmable prototype.

Technology may 9, 2014

Color-Changing Fabrics Morphs In Response To Sound Files

This chameleon-like fabric uses heat sensitive technology to react to its environment.

Technology april 21, 2014

Snack Machine Tweet-Shames Its Candy-Loving Users Into Being Healthy [Video]

UK-based creative hackers Nottinghack modified a second-hand machine with Arduino.

Gaming & Play april 2, 2014

Make 8-Bit Games On The Fly With This Arduino Controller [Video]

The Gamebuino brings creative programming to the palm of your hand.

march 10, 2014

Educational Robot Mimics Computer Programming In Real Life

This little robot kit makes an easy jump from Lego to Javascript.

IoT march 4, 2014

Sound Sculpture Purrs And Meows When Viewers Get Close [Video]

Mew is an interactive sound piece that wants people to play with its fur.

Arts & Culture december 20, 2013

Typewriter Paints Portraits With Letters

An archaic typewriter gains a second life as an ASCII portrait creator.

Work december 19, 2013

Storefront Arcade Game Beckons To Passersby To Play [Video]

Freelance developer Kris Temmerman installed an old-fashioned game at his office window.

Innovation december 17, 2013

PSFK’s Gift Guide: The Best Offline Gadgets To Get A Break From Screen Time

Get your friend off their screen with these great analog and DIY kits.

Work december 13, 2013

Open-Source Schematic Lets Users Build A Functioning Paper Speaker [Pics]

The elegant work of this French product designer allows you to build your very own paper speaker.

Mobile december 3, 2013

Easy To Build Cell Phone Costs Less Than $200

Members of the MIT Media Lab can teach you how to create the devices on which so much of their work has depended.


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