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[Insight] U.S. relies on Silicon Valley to maintain AI military advantage
Technology october 11, 2013

High-Tech Military Suit Gives Soldiers Superhuman Abilities [Video]

The TALOS project will allow a soldier to walk through a barrage of bullets unharmed.

Mobile june 24, 2013

Military Helmet Uses Google Glass-Style Tech To Launch Air Strikes

New design allows a soldier to digitally mark a target, and send those coordinates to a jet or a vehicle to carry out an attack.

Work february 20, 2013

UK Army Shows Footage Of Soldiers In Action To Drive Recruitment [Video]

The Territorial Army launches a new campaign depicting ordinary people volunteering in Afghanistan.

Retail february 10, 2013

Alain Sylvain: Did Jeep's Sappy Spot Go Too Far? [Super Bowl 2013]

What are the limits for a brand when attempting to seek sympathy with viewers?

Innovation august 24, 2012

Camouflage Face Paint Protects Soldiers From Bomb Explosions [Video]

Military cosmetic that shields the skin from extreme heat of over 1,000 degree Fahrenheit.

Arts & Culture august 22, 2012

Scientists Develop Nasal Spray That Helps Stop Suicidal Thoughts

The U.S. Military awards $3 million in funding to develop a new more instantaneous antidepressant delivery method.

Gaming & Play december 27, 2011

US Army Uses Strategy Game To Embed Lessons Of Cultural Awareness [Future Of Gaming]

'Culture Shock: Afghanistan' is a PC-based strategy game being tested by the armed forces that prepares captains for deployment by teaching them lessons in cultural awareness.

Cities november 15, 2011

Look Again: Design Inspiration On The USS Intrepid [Pics]

The PSFK Team looks at military decal from the past for creative inspiration to share with our readers.

Innovation may 25, 2011

Army Recruiters Turn To Social Media

Responding to waning interest amongst recruits, the Army has favored bolstering its social media presence over traditional advertising.

Technology april 15, 2011

iPhone Brains And Wearable Computers

Smartphones might render the Army's plans to network soldiers together obsolete. But the Army won't let a little thing like obsolescence throw it off course.

Advertising september 17, 2010

US Army's 'Apps for the Army' Competition Winners

The iPhone app's success inspired a military-funded 'Apps for the Army' contest earlier this year.

Mobile october 19, 2009

(Video) ChemBot: The Military's Shape Shifting Robot Blob

iRobot, the makers of the Roomba, have released footage of their bizarre new robot prototype, Chembot.


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