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Work march 3, 2014

What Iconic Celebs Would Look Like If They Worked In A Tattoo Parlor [Pics]

The Shopped Tattoos blog envisions what famous celebs and iconic figures would look like if they were covered in artistic ink.

Syndicated march 27, 2013

The Life Of The Man Who Created The First Global Fitness Brand

Bodybuilding guru Joe Weider built up a fitness empire and transformed Arnold Schwarzenegger into a globally recognized celebrity.

Work october 2, 2012

What Arnold Schwarzennegger Has To Teach Us About Life

A digest of the bodybuilder and the governor of California's aptly-named autobiography, Total Recall – from muscles all the way to movies.

Sustainability april 13, 2012

The Entertainment Industry Is Resurrecting The Über-Action Hero

The 80s was the golden era of the comically pumped-up action hero. But this summer they are back on the screen, alongside a new generation of beefcakes. Why?

Advertising april 3, 2012

Hollywood Looks Back To The 1980s [Headlines]

Film makers are doubling back on past hits, like 'Dirty Dancing', and stars like Bette Midler and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arts & Culture october 7, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets The Terminator Of All Museums [Headlines]

A museum dedicated to the actor-politician opened in his childhood home in Austria.

Innovation may 3, 2011

Schwarzenegger Will Be Back In Terminator 5 [Headlines]

63-year-old actor is attached to Terminator rights package being touted to studios – with Justin Lin in the running to direct


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